Saturday, March 11, 2006

busy....... =S

woooooooooh what a week =S
Today was my 7th day at work in a row argh!
And its gonna be wednesday or thursday before I get a day off! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz exhausting!
For now I'm finishing off a (large) bag of m&ms and watching Desperate Housewives, which I taped on monday and haven't had a chance to watch since then.
Then I'll be spending the evening home alone with a bottle of wine, iron chef and my knitting (not necessarily in that order hehe)
I am still working on Veronica, but have sort of put it to the side(argh)to knit a Veronica for my sister whose birthday it is tomorrow.
I'm knitting it in blue and red, the colours worn by her favourite (Australian Rules) Football team =)
I was hoping to finish mine first to see if it would work out nice but I ran out of time, so now i'm knitting furiously to try and finish so I can send it to her on monday or tuesday.
Now I'm off to make me some nachos!


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