Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Kids Clothes Week :: April 2015

Since the next round of Kids Clothes Week is almost upon us (June 22-28) now seems like a good time to catch up on how the April round went =) The theme for April was Wild Things, which is so up our alley - A probably wears at least one animal-y garment each day. I had all kinds of plans, but in the end (April being April, I guess) I reall didn't get a whole lot done sewing-wise (but there was knitting, which I'm totally counting!). I'm ok with that - for me half the fun is checking out, and being inspired by, what everyone else is making!

One thing I did make that has been a big hit was a fleece kitten beanie. I used a fantastic pattern by Tie Dye Diva (I love this pattern so much that I have made another 6 or so since!) and it gets worn pretty much every single day. The pattern comes with a range of different ears, and I think would be great for dress ups.

One thing I was really hoping to get done, but didn't, was this little pinafore from Ottobre magazine. I have the pattern traced but other things keep popping up and getting my attention instead. Maybe this time around! =)



Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Bunny hop hats

Hello out there!
I don't know what it is about April, but with the public holidays and birthdays and travelling for Easter and whatnot it always seems to whizz past - and by the time I've realised we're into May then it's June already! And so here we are.
I've been busily sewing and knitting and reading and baking and playing and, well, Mum-ing, and have so much that I want to catch up on recording here. I'm not sure if there's a good logical way to do it, so I'm going to just pop things up as I come to them.

And I think two tiny cute girls in knitted bunny ears is as good a place as any to start?

The pattern is the Bunny Hat with Chin Ties, by Grumperina, and it was an absolute dream to knit up. A fast, adorable dream! Each little hat took about 2 or 3 nights to finish - yay for 8ply baby knits!

I think I have probably written before about being a 'process' knitter - I love a new technique and am fascinated to see how different combinations of what's essentialy just knit and purl stitches can be used in such clever ways. Anyway, the shaping on is hat is beautiful, symmetrical perfection! Also, believe it or not, I don't think I have knitted i-cord before. And it is such a good solution for ties.

Can you tell yet how much I enjoyed this pattern? ;-) ps it was also really inexpensive - maybe $3 or something I think. I am very tempted to whip up another, more practical for winter one of these for A - maybe a nice snuggly grey? But oh there are so many things to knit! Right now I'm working on a milo vest, which will be a very handy addition to her wardrobe in this weather!
Until next time,
B x

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Makers' Box :: project one

I've just had a quick look through my blog posts so far this year and I think I have forgotten to tell you about some exciting news - I'm part of the Makers' Collective Making Team for 2015! I'm so thrilled to be working with Mikaela and the Makers' Collective - if there are two things I believe in they are craft for everyone and local Canberra events/businesses, so I am super excited to be able to help spread the word about both.

One of the really cool products that the Makers' Collective offers is the Makers' Box - a subscription based service where you receive a project per month as a kit in the post (they are sent quarterly, so you get 3 kits at once). The projects are really varied, and the best thing is everything you need for the project is right there in the box, so it's the perfect way to try something new without having to run around after a bunch of different supplies - and of course you can add in bits and pieces from your own crafting stash to really customise the project and make it your own.

I was really excited when I saw one of the kits was for air dry clay magnets - I had a bit of a look around for air dry clay for ornament making at Christmas, but decided to use fimo instead - so I couldn't wait to try it out. You can see in the picture there that the kit came with a little instruction book that has loads of photos and all the info and templates you need to make a cute little cloud and raindrop set of magnets. I decided to try a something a little different, and embellished my clay with stamps and ink from my stash instead. (You can probably also see that there is plenty enough clay in the kit for both!)

And there are my finished magnets. I found the clay a little bit hard to get smooth when I was cutting it out, but gave it a sand it after it dried, and am happy with the result. In terms of the stamps and ink, I was so impressed with the level of detail that came out - I really thought the stamps might be a bit intricate! I tried a few different inks - some were a bit watery and rubbish, but others worked really well (a reflection of the quality of the inks, not the process!). I gave these a layer of Mod Podge to seal them a bit too. Over all I think they came out pretty cute - I think if you had stronger magnets they would make cute needle minders for your stitching, and if you felt confident about the seal you could probably also make some cute brooches! I think next I might try to make some little jewellery dishes - either stamped like these or textured with lace imprints or something.

My fellow Making Team member Natalie made the cloud magnets with her daughters - pop over to One Scrappy Doctor to see how they turned out (spoiler alert :: they painted theirs and they turned out super cute).

You can find all the info you need to subscribe for the Makers' Box here.

And here are a few other exciting things going on at the Makers' Collective:

I'm excited to have made a little Eastery quilty project & tutorial for the launch issue of MAKERS magazine! MAKERS is a quarterly online magazine which is launching March 24 - you can find out more AND sign up for a FREE subscription here.

March is birthday month at the Makers' Hub and how better to celebrate than with a month of giveaways - this week's prize is double passes to see the film Infinitely Polar Bear - more info here.

XO Bron







Sunday, March 15, 2015

EllaFunt Cardigan

I'm not sure whether it's the cooler nights we start to get, or the fact that I'm sick of summer and dreaming of cardigan weather, but each year around this time I get a bit obsessed with knitting. As always I have a long long 'to knit' list and am busting to start new things, but I'm also feeling really keen to finish some projects that have been hanging around - a side effect of knitting for someone who will grow out of things I think! And so the EllaFunt cardigan (here on ravelry) I started last Easter is all done.

One of my favourite things about this is the yarn! My friend Penny (happy spider knits) was selling little kits of hand-dyed wool with this pattern in mind, so there was the main colour and then tiny skeins of the colours used in the yoke - such a fantastic idea! And I am in love with the effect of the green!! It is kind of heathered rather than a solid colour - so pretty! I did add the navy blue from my stash, as I was making a larger size than the kit was for and worried I might run out of the green (I think I would have been fine). Speaking of size, there are loads of comments on Ravelry from people thinking they must have messed up their gauge because their cardis have come out so big - but actually if you look at the chest circumference I think the sizes (in terms of age) are really generous. This is the 6-12 month size and has quite a bit of space (and length).

So it's a definite win! Amelia wore it to lunch with some of our yarn-appreciative friends on Friday and as soon as she got out of the pram a lady at the next table commented on what a lovely cardi she was wearing =) I'm thinking about making another one for next year, switching the elephants out for another pattern. For now I have a 'Granny's Favourite' cardigan on needles, and am loving it! It's mustardy yellow, squishy 8 ply and feels like autumn =)


Sunday, March 01, 2015

Bean bag

So nice to start a new month with a new project - especially one that can be finished the same day AND can be make from just fabrics in my stash (I only had to buy the zip and the beanbag filling!)

I used a free tutorial from Project Nursery blog called Sew a Kid's Bean Bag Chair in 30 Minutes - and it really didn't take much more time than that.

I sewed it pretty much exactly as per the tutorial, except I added a lining bag too - to make it easier when the vegemite handprints get too much and it needs a wash. I used an old fitted sheet which I cut and sewed exactly the same way as the cover, except that instead of a zip I sewed it shut once I'd put the filling in. And, seriously, getting all of those little styrofoam beads in there was the most difficult part of the whole project!!




Saturday, February 28, 2015

Farvel februar!








Gosh wasn't February in a hurry?! Sorry for the picture heavy post, but I just wanted to capture this last month of summer here before it's suddenly April! We had such a lovely month! We were outside so much - I'm so grateful for a milder summer this year after all the crazy heat last year! We walked and ate outside nearly every night, and now that Amelia is nearly walking we pottered in the garden together a bit - I'm looking forward to more of that! We met a llampaca! We sat on the floor and knitted and played and watched the wiggles. I sewed A LOT. We ate lots of pancakes - Amelia is eating pretty much just what we do now and loves veggies and anything with minced meat (especially frikadeller and taco meat with kidney beans). We went to the Canberra Show. And we talked all day, every day. I can't believe how many words Amelia can say all of a sudden, and she shows us where her hat goes, and where her nose is, and her ears, and her chubby cheeks =)

These really are the days of miracle and wonder.



Monday, February 23, 2015

Dress with flutter sleeves

Last week I was out for afternoon tea with a friend (adore tea in Gold Creek - my favourite) and when we were doing some shop browsing afterwards we came across some really sweet little dresses - super simple peasant dress style made from the softest lightest cotton with an old fashioned vintage sheets kind of look. We're still getting some pretty warm weather, so I was inspired to try and whip up something similar for Amelia when I got home.

While I was searching for patterns I found a cute free tutorial for a simple sundress (or tunic) with flutter sleeves on the blog It's Always Autumn. (Actually, there are loads of fantastic tutorials on the blog - do go check it out!) There is a pattern for a 4T size dress/top, and instructions on how to draft your own pattern for whichever size you want. When I printed out the 4T pattern and compared it to some size 1 patterns it was pretty close (possibly because some weird scaling happens when I print from my ipad) so I went ahead and made it in the tunic length.

The result was pretty good (although I do feel a bit like the sleeves might belong in a Project Runway avant-garde challenge!). The bodice could definitely be a bit narrower, but it's kind of nice to have something she can wear now and not grow out of in a couple of months (I won't be surprised if she's still in it as a tunic at 4, unless it's worn out). I do love the finish you get from ric-rac used on the sleeve like this - cute and so much easier than trying to turn and sew an even narrow hem (I'll do the same finish on the bottom hem - I was just keen to check the fit, and then thought I might as well snap some pics =))