Thursday, September 30, 2010

my creative space :: squares and strips

I just love quilting fabric, but I'm always too nervous to cut it up!
This week my mum was visiting and we did quite a bit of fabric browsing and quilt discussing, so I'm striking while the inspiration iron is hot!

I have two charm packs and two packs of 2.5 inch strips, all in Christmassy fabrics, which I'm cutting in preparation for a simple quilt that I'd like to have done in time for December =)

as always - loads more creativity at Kirsty's!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tower of GLEE!

Ok, so obviously I'm a week behind in posting(what can I say - September is just mad around here) - but when Glee returned to our screens last week I just couldn't resist a cupcake tribute!

But who to eat first? ;o)


Saturday, September 18, 2010

wiggly cake

taa-daa - the fruits of this week's creative space labour - wiggles cupcakes for my favourite little girl's second birthday party tomorrow.

I made a matching big cake too...

you can never have too much wiggly cake, right? ;o)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

creative space :: fondant

This week has been about birthdays and birthday preparations, and in that spirit I have been getting creative with cupcakes and fondant:

Party dress cupcakes for a colleague...

And a first attempt at cupcake toppers for a 2nd birthday over the weekend:

a little wonky still, but I think after another practise or two they might be ok! =)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My new favourite lunchbox snack...

... is roasted chickpeas

You can probably buy these ready roasted, but it is easy enough to make them at home - and there are heaps of recipes around (if you call "rinse, dry, roast, season" a recipe!)

I think I used this one, but I put them in dry for the first half of the cooking time, pulled them out and seasoned then put them back in -I think this gives a good crunch ;o)
Actually, if you have time, I think the best crunch came from taking them out allowing to cool completely then re-roasting.
Yum - I just love the crunch!


Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday we took a drive out of Canberra to Gundaroo for lunch with the guy's family.

We ate at Grazing restaurant - the food was amazing, and the setting is just beautiful...

- even the car park has a view ;o)

Despite being stuffed to the point of swearing we'd never eat again, we just couldn't let the guy's brother turn 30 without having tried Adore's poffertjes!! ;o)

mmmm delish!


Monday, September 06, 2010

Sydney weekend

Late yesterday evening we arrived home from a lovely weekend spent in Sydney celebrating a dear friend's wedding - which, despite some extremely unfriendly weather, was just gorgeous!

When we booked our bus tickets for the journey home we made sure we would have lots of time to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Pancakes on the Rocks, followed by a stroll around Circular Quay and the Rocks - and (unlike Saturday) the weather was pretty amazing (believe me, that water was much more less calm when we were out there on a water taxi for wedding photos the day before!!)

We stayed right in the centre of the Rocks, conveniently practically right next door to a french patisserie ;0)

Naturally I couldn't resist bringing home a little something to go with our coffee today =)



Thursday, September 02, 2010

In September I am reading...

After getting most of the way through the Tomorrow Series in August (they are the kind of read you can knock over in a few hours, if you're lucky enough to get that much reading time at once) this month I'm looking forward to reading their sequel series - the Ellie Chronicles.

There are 3 books in this series, which came out staring in 2003.
Finding myself deep in the world of Ellie and her friends as I make my way through the Tommorrow series, I'm very much looking forward to reading the Ellie Chronicles.
They'll be brand new to me (I didn't even know they existed until I went looking for the Tommorow series books last month) and I can't wait to see what happens next!


If you'd like to join in our bloggy book club with a book-related post in September, please add your link below so we can pop around to see what you're up to!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Hurrah! After a false start (yesterday morning I woke up thinking "ooooh I don't want to get up today! but at least it's spring now!" I didn't find out until I was at work that it was still August. Yes, I felt very disappointed!) it is finally spring!

I feel like we've had quite a dark, gloomy winter here this year, but now we're arriving home from work while its still light outside, and there are bits and pieces all over the place in the garden waiting to burst into bloom. Can't wait to see what pops up this year!