Saturday, September 18, 2010

wiggly cake

taa-daa - the fruits of this week's creative space labour - wiggles cupcakes for my favourite little girl's second birthday party tomorrow.

I made a matching big cake too...

you can never have too much wiggly cake, right? ;o)


  1. No, there can never bee too much mashed potato, or red cars or wiggly cakes!! That is a lucky birthday person!!! You are sooooo clever!!

  2. Wowee that is amazing! My nephews would absolutely love a cake like that.

  3. Wow. The hat! The gloves! The wiggly dance. It is perfect.

  4. Well, these are great!! I have grand plans for something similar come January for my fave little two year old to be. She's a Maisy Mouse fan though...


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