Friday, June 29, 2007

wonderful wonderful aka all aboard

oooh, soo much happening in the last week - Copenhagen, Odense, Georg Jesen squeeee!!!
Just quickly today, since we're getting ready to train from Århus to Amsterdam (12hrs!! eek)
So some quick Copenhagen photos:


Amalienborg (where the Queen lives)

toot toot - time for the train!!!!

Besos =)

Monday, June 25, 2007


June 24 in Denmark is St. Hans day.
This day huge bonfires are built and witches burned (or sent somewhere in Germany... must wiki that later!!!)
We celebrated with a big party for the entire family - we were probably about 45 people in all - at my host family's beach house in Fjellerup, just north of Århus.

We were super lucky with the weather - it hasn't exactly been tooooo summery this week - there was a massive downpour of rain about30 minutes before the guests arrived, and then 10 minues after the last left!!!

Sunday afternoon looked somewhat better, so we were able to take a long stroll along the beach.

We searched for amber in the pebbles along the shore, and while we weren't lucky there the beach is always beautiful!!!

Besos =)

Friday, June 22, 2007

the funnest place in the whole wide world

I don't really know where to start with Legoland, except to say that it is both the funnest and the funniest place in the whole wide world.

While some of the people here seem to think that the price for entry is too high, once you are inside the only thing you pay for is food and lego!!

We spent a good 5 hours wandering around, and could have been there longer if it hadn't been for them closing at 6.

Ooh, and there was an incident with a lego train (hehe)

Walking past the knights' castle we decided to go in and look at what seemed to be a very popular display - there were people lined up to look at it!

It was very cool - you could see through windows like you were looking into different rooms of the castle.

There were knights feasting, the princess sleeping and the servants working in the kitchen.

A little to late, we realised that we were actually in the line for some kind of ride...

We couldn't really get out, but weren't too worried since my host father knew it was just a kind of ghost train for children.
Finally we were at the front, the train had arrived and the previous passengers hopped off.

The young man at the front with a blood nose should have been the clue that something might not quite be right.

The ghost train was very cool - we saw the torture room in the dungeon, watched the magician casting a spell and drove through a bar with some very shady looking characters, all the while my host father behind us say "oooh this is very scary" and laughing.

Suddenly we were out in the light of day and for about 90 seconds the train shot around a rollercoaster track before returning us to the castle!!!

My host mother nearly lost it!!
There were photos at the exit taken while we were on the ride - my mum, host father and I all laughing, my host mother completely white!
We had to sit down for a few minutes after that so she could recover!

The other thing that really cracked me up was that around the pirate ship they have these 'water explosion' buttons - you press then there is a loud bang and a jet of water shoots up.

My host father was standing, looking very innocent, beside one of these buttons, and pressing it as people walked past!

It was like on Keeping Up Appearances - when the dog barks at Hyacinth and she jumps into the bushes - some people nealy ended up in the next display!!

Ooooh, then there was the shopping!!!
I can't say too much, since some serious gift-type souvenir shopping went on, but believe me, there is some super cool shopping to be done in the Legoland shops!!!!


btw: That's Mary, Frederik, Ziggy and the babies - good likeness I thought!! hehe

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


There's something about catching the train in Europe - it all sounds so exciting and romantic.
You can watch the countryside fly by as you sit comfortably, maybe even in your own compartment, and sip tea.

And if you're travelling on a Eurail pass you are entitled to 1st class travel!
Oooh, the luxury!

But somehow every one who travels Europe by train seems to end up with a train story, about how this happened and then this, they tripped on the platform in their hurry to make it in time, or how they stepped into the carriage only to have the doors shut right behind them - leaving their travelling companion on the station.
By the time we arrived in Denmark we were two for two on almost-went-wrong train stories.

The first was the one with the spelling.

Then, on the trip from Friedberg to Århus, we had exactly 9 minutes to change trains at Hamburg, having arrived at platform 5 and looking to board on platform 13.
We did make it, only to find that the particular carriage in which we were sitting would only be making half the journey.
We dragged our belongings (including a suitcase whose handle was broken - a whole other story!) through several carriages until we found another compartment with space for us and settled in.
We had been stopped at Flensburg for quite sometime when one of the train conductors came and told us that the carriage we were in wouldn't go any further either - eeeeek!!!

Thank goodness he told us, moving all our stuff through the train wasn't any more fun the second time (especialy when the automatic doors between carriages seemed to have been timed exactly to close on my butt!!), but can you imagine us sitting there watching out the window as the rest of the train continued on its merry way and left us behind?? =s


besos =)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fra Tyskland til Legoland

Well, as I'm sure you can imagine it has been a very exciting few days!!!

We landed in Germany 5:30am local time, and after nearly taking a detour via Switzerland (I'll say no more, but it has something to do with the difference between Frieberg and Friedberg!) we arrived safely with our Armin at about 9am.

Armin was a fabulous tour guide

- he knows a lot about the Hessen area and all of the old castles and buildings in the region. (I'll have to link in some of the places we visited later - there was so much to see!!!)

As well as visiting some of the actual castles we also went to Hessenpark, which is a village made up of a whole bunch of old houses that have been moved there from all over Germany.

It was very cool.

Each of the three nights we ate out - one night in a pub that was built in the 1300s!
It was amazing!

The picture below is from one of the towns we visited - can you imagine working in one of those buildings every day?

On the Wednesday we went to school with Stephanie, a friend of my aunt.

We sat in on classes of 9, 15 and 17 year olds.

The kids were all so good at english - it was amazing.

The 9 year olds were so excited - they all came running out asking for our autograph!

Every thing has been so exciting - there is just so much to look at, even just walking down the street because it is all so different from home.

On the right there is Armin's house where we stayed.
His house is older than any building in our whole country!!!

Tomorrow we are off to legoland - I'm sure I'll have lots more to say then!!!
Oh, and I have posted some of my photos on Flickr now, hopefully will get to add some descriptions too =)


Saturday, June 16, 2007

hellooooooo Århus calling!

Well, we made it hurrah!!!
We arrived in Germany early Tuesday morning, and then came by train to Denmark on Friday.
We are having a fabulous time, and I promise I'll get some pics and stuff happening soon =)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

on a jet plane...

Well, last minute preparations are finished and I think I'm ready to go.

(ok, pretty much all of the preparations were last minute - including a root touch up this morning!)

I'll fly to Melbourne this evening, then we fly out tomorrow.

This week has been a little bit crazy - I spent Monday and Tuesday at work breaking in my new shoes, cheered for the Sens on Tuesday, s'n'b on Thursday (a little bit more on that in a sec), dinner with T&N on Friday (full VIP treatment at Wagamama!!) an impulse new phone and then footy and lunch at J-Mo's place yesterday.

S'n'B on Thursday was great - Liv, Bells and I had planned to have dinner together to kill a little time between work and 7pm, and I bumped into Joods at the newsagent so she joined us too =)

We had the most delicious Indian food, at Niche in the bus interchange in Civic.

On other things knitterly, I wore the squirrelly mitts this week - they're super warm and coooomfy! =)

I have been working away on the Boy's manly mitts, but having nearly run out of black wool I was disapointed to find Lincraft in Civic all out of black 8 ply wool =(

I guess they'll just have to keep til I get home.

Leaving you with some pics of the squirrels enjoying the gorgeous weather we're having here in Canberra today.

Next time I write it will be from Europe!!!!




Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Oooooh is it always this hard to get through the week before you go on holidays??!!!?

Its only the lollies that are getting me through!! ;)

Have finished the first Manly Mitt and will cast-on the second tonight - if I can get a good photo I'll post tomorrow, or you can see them in the flesh at S'n'B tomorrow =)

5 more sleeps - sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

besos =)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Practice makes perfect

As I have mentioned a couple (of thousands) of times, next Monday Mum and I board the plane for our European adventure =)

Whilst on occasion I may not be the most organised of individuals I do most certainly believe in being well prepared for an overseas jaunt.

To this end I have spent the past few weeks practising being in Europe*, so as to make the acclimatisation on arrival as smooth as possible.

For example, I am:
- having the boy bring me warm towels and small packets of peanuts while I sit down for long periods of time watching movies;
- restricting fluids to coffee, beer and wine;
- eating pastries and croissant as often as possible;
- replacing tasty cheese with brie;
- sleeping under a lamp fitted with a timer so that it is only dark 5 hours in each day; and
- speaking exclusively in french when at work, danish at home and like Tanya Turner at the pub.

To complete my pre-travel training the Boy and I headed off to Sydney for a practice holiday this weekend.

On arrival the friends we were staying with introduced us to the delights of high tea
at Vaucluse House followed by a stroll along the beach.
Despite officially being the second day of winter it was fabuous weather, and there were lots of people out enjoying the sun.

In fact, the weather was so good we didn't even have to put on our coats at the football later in the evening.

I have never been to the SCG before, and was excited to experience the vibe of a new footy ground.

I think the best way to describe attending a Sydney home game at the SCG is that it was like being on a page in a Where's Wally book!
All those red and white stripey beanies! =)

It was such a close game and it would be an understatement to say that the Boy was thrilled to see his Bombers get home by one 'handy' point! =)

And, although it wasn't really cold enough for coats, the corazon mittens came in very handy - J-Mo and I wore one each on our beer holding hands ;)

On Sunday we headed into the city where, on the advice of Bells, I visited Tapestry Craft for some mid-year sale bamboo 3.5mm bamboo dpn action.

It was very cool, actually, since just as I was saying to the boy "now I think its just over here somewhere... maybe?" a guy wearing a big "80% off knitting supplies" sandwich board handed my a flyer - complete with a little map!

And, as evident from yesterday's post, I couldn't quite resist some Noro =)
Eeek its just so pretty! (this is me resisting the temptation to re-post the picture =)!!)

The inspiration for this purchase came from Brooklyn Tweed's divine Noro scarf
oooooooooooooooooooooooh =)

Ok, obviously he used four balls and I have one, but I thought it might be nice to see if I can get the other balls different places while I'm on holidays, then knit them all up together =)

After visiting Darling Harbour (oooh, the Fudge Shop!!!) we headed to the other end of Pitt St, up to Circular Quay for a peek at the Bridge - and the obligitory tourist photo (hey, practising my touristing remember!) complete with our tres cool new shades =) - before picking up the car and heading back home to (slightly less temperate) Canberra.

Only 7 more sleeps guys!

Besos =)

*NOTE: I feel this works best if you can make your world as European as possible. However, I don't drive and would suggest that, if trying this technique for youself at home, that might be a good place to draw the line... ;)

Sunday, June 03, 2007