Sunday, July 17, 2016

Winter Soup

Winter soup is pretty much the best. Current favourite is potato (or sweet potato), pumpkin, carrot, leek, red capsicum, with a bit of curry powder. Blend then serve with coriander and Parmesan. Also, I'm basically obsessed with these no knead dinner rolls. So easy and SO good! 
These are the ingredients - check out the link for all the recipe details
510 g flour
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons sugar
2 teaspoons instant yeast
2 cups lukewarm water

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Winter garden

We had such a wonderful time growing veggies over the spring and summer that I just had to plant some autumn/winter stuff too. We have all kinds of things in - lettuce, kale, fennel, spinach, silverbeet, beetroot, carrot, radishes, Asian greens, garlic, leek, and probably some other ones that aren't quite coming to mind right now. Oh! Cabbage and cauliflower and broccoli.

Anyway, we have already noticed that winter crops grow much more slow and steady than their spring/summer friends, and largely seem to look after themselves (which is lucky since on work days we're not home before dark).

 Apart from the fact that autumn was so dry and I'm not really great at remembering to water (especially when the weather isn't hot) our main battle has been with catepillars. I managed to keep them down to start off with by removing eggs, but all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago there were loads of them and quite a lot of plants have been stripped. I wonder if some of the damage might also be from possums - we have had a couple  hanging about.

In any case, our backyard remains a lovely place to hang out during the day - Amelia loves to potter about and has her own little garden to dig about and grown veggies and flowers in. I had expected rain all day today (and for the next week or so) but it has been beautiful and sunny so we have spent some time weeding, tidying up some herbs (which I was sure we're done for after being severely fried over summer but now have new little shoots on them), and blowing bubbles. 

Amelia is wearing her new fox beanie, which I made for her during no kids clothes week using the fleece hats pattern by Tidedye Diva. I adore this pattern - it is quick and easy, and I have loved every one of the (many) hats I've made from it. Amelia has asked for a dinosaur one next =)

Happy June!
Xo Bron 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Easter dresses

Blogging. I don't know why I don't do it more often. I have so much stuff I want to record, and to share, and really it doesn't take very long. Sigh.

Anyhow, here's something (two somethings, actually) that I've been meaning to share for ages now - the Easter dresses I made for my A and my niece E.

The girls are so cute together - they are almost 10 months apart and I think so lucky to have each other so close in age. It was hard to get them both pictures though! We caught them for these mid Easter egg hunt =)

I used the bohemian baby doll dress pattern  by Elegance & Elephants. I love this pattern! Super cute (obvs), comes together so easily, and there are no fastenings - it just pops over their head! Also, those sleeves are adorable =)
The fabric is from a range called Bunny Garden by Lewis and Irene. So so sweet, and I love that the dresses are matchy but not the same 😍

A has already worn hers a couple of times since then - including for her 'class photos' at childcare (cute!!!). I have found it layers up beautifully over leggings/tights and a long sleeve tee, so perfect for the cooler weather we're starting to have. I actually think something heavier, like a denim or a fine cord, would be super sweet too =)

The next round of Kids Clothes Week starts tomorrow - this time around I'm hoping to work on a long sleeve tunic/dress (I have quite a few patterns to choose from!), plus a new hat and maybe some dress up masks =)

Xo Bron 
Ps I mostly just look at the blog on my iThings, so I have no idea how the photos look to other people - let me know if they're super weird, yeah?



Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Kids' Clothes Week

This week just gone was Kids' Clothes Week, and for the first time in a while I didn't 'officially' participate (too much sewing for myself!). The guilt got the better of me on Saturday morning though, and I managed to whip up this little Norah dress (pattern by Mouse House Creations) in tiny sweet flowers on blue. In the picture here it still needs hemming, and a button on the back, but I was super keen to try it on her and since she was cooperating (standings still) I took a couple of photos.

I cut out the fabric for this AGES ago - it's been hanging out in the bag I take to sewing crew, just in case I need an extra project one day - but luckily past me anticipated the delay and cut out a 2T instead of 18 months or what ever she needed at the time. The fit is pretty good - there is a bit of room for her to grow into without it being too big - but my eyes are sure there's something weird going on across the chest/near her arms. It is entirely possible that this is because I had a bit of trouble with easing in the sleeves - I'm not the best easer/gatherer/setter at the best of times, and those sleeve are 2 year old small you guys! The opening/fastening in the back was similarly fiddly/tricky - although I feel I should point out that it was my own skills/patience that were lacking, since the method is pretty ingenious and the instructions really well written.

I'm sure that I'll make this pattern again - don't get me wrong, it is super sweet and I'm happy with the result. I'll probably make it a bunch of times- some as is, and also I'm keen to tweak it a bit to suit my style (both in terms of how I like to see and my aesthetic) a bit better. I have so much admiration for all the women I see making garments with all the sweet details for their kids' everyday wear, but at this stage I just don't have the skills or patience. So next up I'm going to try a couple of no fastening, built in sleeves patterns =)


Tuesday, February 09, 2016

oh hi February!

So, January is busy with those birthdays and whatnot! 
Miss Amelia turned two in the middle of January (I know! Where did those years - and that tiny baby! - go?!)

We've had unusual weather for this (or any, really) time of year - a few hot summer days but lots of rain and storms too, and even a couple of days under 20C - my garden has been LOVING it! (Me too, to be honest - I'm all for some milder summer weather!)
We've had zukes and the most delicious cukes and some button squash too. There are quite a lot of pumpkins growing, and the tomatoes should ripen any day now. And we have the odd monster fruit that is probably a few days past when it should have been picked =p
We are still so in love with the garden, and just so glad we decided to have the work done last year! We spend so much time out there together - especially in the evenings or , on hot days, in the early mornings before the weather warms up! 
Amelia has a sandpit now and a water table, and just loves to potter around pointing out the veggies and picking snow peas =)

There has also been LOADS of sewing and knitting and reading that I'm hoping to share another day. I've got a new blogging app on my phone which in hoping will make it easier to blog when I have time - like on the bus etc. I'm never quite sure how I want to set out my posts - photos interspersed? Or all at the top then text? Anyway, we'll see how the posts look coming through the new app. 
Xo Bron 





Saturday, January 09, 2016

New Year, new knitting

Hello and happy new year! We had a wonderful and busy December, and January is flying by in the same way.

I've entered 2016 with a burning urge to get rid of stuff - chuck it out, donate it, finish the many crafty WIPS I have laying about, and most of all to create from my lovely stash.

First up was this super easy finish - a sweet pink 'granny's favourite' cardi in newborn(ish) size. All it needed was buttons! I do love this pattern, and plan to knit many more.

As a bit of a treat for all that work (lol) and for organising my quilty projects, I pulled out some pretty Quince & Co I had stashed away, and cast on a Wee Brock cardi for miss Amelia (on Ravelry here). I have so many lovely yarns stashed away that are probably just about enough for a size 2 garment, but not much more so I am keen to knit up some extra special things for this winter.

The Wee Brock is a simple, sweet cardigan, with a zigzag yoke and a bit of a swingy shape. It is knitting up beautifully- the yarn feels lovely and I love the colour, and the zigzags are very cute. I am just past the bit where the sleeves are divided - I just love seeing that long curve of knitting become an actual cardigan! Magic =)