New Year, new knitting

Hello and happy new year! We had a wonderful and busy December, and January is flying by in the same way.

I've entered 2016 with a burning urge to get rid of stuff - chuck it out, donate it, finish the many crafty WIPS I have laying about, and most of all to create from my lovely stash.

First up was this super easy finish - a sweet pink 'granny's favourite' cardi in newborn(ish) size. All it needed was buttons! I do love this pattern, and plan to knit many more.

As a bit of a treat for all that work (lol) and for organising my quilty projects, I pulled out some pretty Quince & Co I had stashed away, and cast on a Wee Brock cardi for miss Amelia (on Ravelry here). I have so many lovely yarns stashed away that are probably just about enough for a size 2 garment, but not much more so I am keen to knit up some extra special things for this winter.

The Wee Brock is a simple, sweet cardigan, with a zigzag yoke and a bit of a swingy shape. It is knitting up beautifully- the yarn feels lovely and I love the colour, and the zigzags are very cute. I am just past the bit where the sleeves are divided - I just love seeing that long curve of knitting become an actual cardigan! Magic =)




  1. The pink cardi is so cute! And I love those zigzags in the Wee Brock. So beautiful.


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