Easter dresses

Blogging. I don't know why I don't do it more often. I have so much stuff I want to record, and to share, and really it doesn't take very long. Sigh.

Anyhow, here's something (two somethings, actually) that I've been meaning to share for ages now - the Easter dresses I made for my A and my niece E.

The girls are so cute together - they are almost 10 months apart and I think so lucky to have each other so close in age. It was hard to get them both pictures though! We caught them for these mid Easter egg hunt =)

I used the bohemian baby doll dress pattern  by Elegance & Elephants. I love this pattern! Super cute (obvs), comes together so easily, and there are no fastenings - it just pops over their head! Also, those sleeves are adorable =)
The fabric is from a range called Bunny Garden by Lewis and Irene. So so sweet, and I love that the dresses are matchy but not the same 😍

A has already worn hers a couple of times since then - including for her 'class photos' at childcare (cute!!!). I have found it layers up beautifully over leggings/tights and a long sleeve tee, so perfect for the cooler weather we're starting to have. I actually think something heavier, like a denim or a fine cord, would be super sweet too =)

The next round of Kids Clothes Week starts tomorrow - this time around I'm hoping to work on a long sleeve tunic/dress (I have quite a few patterns to choose from!), plus a new hat and maybe some dress up masks =)

Xo Bron 
Ps I mostly just look at the blog on my iThings, so I have no idea how the photos look to other people - let me know if they're super weird, yeah?