Kids' Clothes Week

This week just gone was Kids' Clothes Week, and for the first time in a while I didn't 'officially' participate (too much sewing for myself!). The guilt got the better of me on Saturday morning though, and I managed to whip up this little Norah dress (pattern by Mouse House Creations) in tiny sweet flowers on blue. In the picture here it still needs hemming, and a button on the back, but I was super keen to try it on her and since she was cooperating (standings still) I took a couple of photos.

I cut out the fabric for this AGES ago - it's been hanging out in the bag I take to sewing crew, just in case I need an extra project one day - but luckily past me anticipated the delay and cut out a 2T instead of 18 months or what ever she needed at the time. The fit is pretty good - there is a bit of room for her to grow into without it being too big - but my eyes are sure there's something weird going on across the chest/near her arms. It is entirely possible that this is because I had a bit of trouble with easing in the sleeves - I'm not the best easer/gatherer/setter at the best of times, and those sleeve are 2 year old small you guys! The opening/fastening in the back was similarly fiddly/tricky - although I feel I should point out that it was my own skills/patience that were lacking, since the method is pretty ingenious and the instructions really well written.

I'm sure that I'll make this pattern again - don't get me wrong, it is super sweet and I'm happy with the result. I'll probably make it a bunch of times- some as is, and also I'm keen to tweak it a bit to suit my style (both in terms of how I like to see and my aesthetic) a bit better. I have so much admiration for all the women I see making garments with all the sweet details for their kids' everyday wear, but at this stage I just don't have the skills or patience. So next up I'm going to try a couple of no fastening, built in sleeves patterns =)



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