Monday, July 31, 2006

here we go, here we go....

I did promise pics from the world cup final against Italy so, as they say, here we go.....

I'm ready!!!!

mmmm beer battered chips anyone?

the bar guys were all wearing these shirts - too cool!!!!!

baited breath...


in all honesty it was a great night, win or lose!
btw check out the shirt on The Boy - courtesy of moi!

Sunday, July 30, 2006


By my estimation it must have been about a hundred years since I last posted anything about knitting (well, at least like 6 weeks anyway) so here goes:
Like I think I've said, I haven't really had heaps of time for anything krafty at all.
I've been working on Belinda bunny, here is a pic of what I have so far:

Cute huh =)

The other project I'm working on at the moment is Vicki's feathers scarf.
This one is a bit tricky.
I have three balls of black Patons feathers yarn.
I have knit up one full ball - plain garter 20 stitches 7mm needles, but I think it is going to be too long and skinny, so have started again (10mm needles, 30 stitches). I think it will be better like this, but it is hard to tell because it isn't for me =S
I thought maybe a simple lace (knit 1, yarn over, purl 2 together) would work, but I think the yarn is better knit tighter - it lost some of its lustre being knit losely like that.

Today we saw Hoodwinked.
The movie itself was great, but organisation by the cinema was shocking - I waited for a half hour just for popcorn and missed the start of the movie - the whole thing was a shambles!!!
I did buy a knew book though: Generation T
Very cool!


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


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I love Wednesday.
There's just something about the middle of the week that makes me think of new beginnings.
Like, it doesn't matter how Monday and Tuesday were because anything could happen on Wednesday.
Maybe it's something to do with the ruling planet, Mercury (don't even get me started on the power of mercury and what happens during a retrograde!)
Wednesday is like the geographical peak of the week, and as they say - it's all downhill to the weekend.
When I was working full time in retail Wednesday was the first of my two days off each day, so it kind of felt like the weekend anyway.
Plus some of my favourite tv shows are on.
House and NCIS are my absolute fave 'on tv' tv shows, and I hate to miss them.
It's also irritating when the network inexplicably shows repeats instead of new episodes (like tonight for example).
Then, after NCIS, there used to be Extreme Makeovers - it was like the fun would never stop.
And if you're one of those lucky people with foxtel (satellite tv) it is also the night for brand new Spongebob Squarepants (my hero!) and Footballer's Wives!
So much tv, so little time!!


Monday, July 24, 2006


you know i can't resist a good blog thing =)

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How long do you mourn for a sports team?
Actually it was a really great night/morning.
We dressed up in green and gold, drank beer, cheered, ate beer-battered fries (mmmmm beer-battered fries!), cheered some more.
Then it was over.
The ball was in the net and it had come off Totti's boot.
Suddenly the bar was empty.
And so were we.
It was the strangest feeling going from the very peak of excitement like that to nothing.
I do have pics to post, but am house-sitting and forgot to bring my camera =S

Anyway, thant isn't really the reason I haven't posted for so long.
I guess I've been somewhere between having nothing to say and having no time to say it.
I have been super busy with work - I am working week days in one job and every other weekend my old job.
I have also joined a gym - yay =) - and have been there 3 or 4 times a week since I started.
I'm really enjoying doing something new and challenging myself by setting new goals.

I have this weekend off, and have tickets to a charity screening of the new kids movie Hoodwinked. I can't wait!