Wednesday, July 26, 2006


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I love Wednesday.
There's just something about the middle of the week that makes me think of new beginnings.
Like, it doesn't matter how Monday and Tuesday were because anything could happen on Wednesday.
Maybe it's something to do with the ruling planet, Mercury (don't even get me started on the power of mercury and what happens during a retrograde!)
Wednesday is like the geographical peak of the week, and as they say - it's all downhill to the weekend.
When I was working full time in retail Wednesday was the first of my two days off each day, so it kind of felt like the weekend anyway.
Plus some of my favourite tv shows are on.
House and NCIS are my absolute fave 'on tv' tv shows, and I hate to miss them.
It's also irritating when the network inexplicably shows repeats instead of new episodes (like tonight for example).
Then, after NCIS, there used to be Extreme Makeovers - it was like the fun would never stop.
And if you're one of those lucky people with foxtel (satellite tv) it is also the night for brand new Spongebob Squarepants (my hero!) and Footballer's Wives!
So much tv, so little time!!


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  1. Agreed, Wednesdays are good. Although for me it's Spicks and Specks which makes the TV worth watching (if only briefly :)


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