Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Today I finally succumbed to my 'equine flu' (I'll spare you the "feeling hoarse"/ equine flu joke. hehe) and had a day at home.

I had a very restful day which involved a sleep-in, Oprah, Buffy, jasmine tea, Vietnamese soup and my new Jet cardie.

The day was also very productive - I'm nearly done with the back =)

Oooh, and the sneezing has stopped!

Huzzah =D

Sunday, August 26, 2007


So its official - I'm a rockin' girl blogger!!! =p

Thanks to Georgie for the nomination (I have to say, the feeling is mutual!)

So, lots of girls I know who blog are rockin', and have already been acknowledged as such, but there are a few I would definately recommend you check out (hopefully not doubling up..):

- Trine from Floderten!strik who makes me feel danish all over again;

- Minko at Couture Cupcakes - if you thought my posts of cup cakey goodness were drool worthy I definately recommend tying on a bib before checking out Minko's delish posts;

- The newly engaged Carrie of Every Word's a Purl - a master of knit and crochet;

- The newly married Judes, whose company I have had the happy fortune to enjoy offline as well as on;


- the very talented Myra from My Little Mochi (you have to check her out - the characters Myra creats are amazing!)

Please check out my fave rockin' girl bloggers!!!

besos =)

ps. I've started a patons cardi - style 12 here =)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

An FO and a great big FUNK

Since my last post the dayflower lace scarf has been finished,

ends woven in and de-caterpillared by a darn good blocking,

worn and complimented!

So, without further ado:

Dayflower Lace Scarf for Moi
yarn: Patons Merino Totem (2 balls)
mods: None. Two balls gave me exactly the right amount for 20 repeats of the pattern.
comments:This hasn't blocked out super well - I gave it a wet blocking but I think I'll try some steam too.

So, what next?
I finished the knitting on Sunday, but haven't knit anything since.
I have a huge case of knitting ugh =(

Its not that I don't have plans (or yarn) for projects, (like these, this vest, this shawl, one of theses bags, the pattern on the cover of this, some of these mitts, or a top down cardie/hoodie from some beautiful cleckheaton country naturals (in colour 1825) I picked up last weekend.)

I've started some swatching but nothing is grabbing me....

Today might be a great day for baking.....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

FO: Lions Corazon mittens

As promised, lions and stats =)

(sorry about the sucky boring pic - I forgot to get a proper modelled shot before I gave them to J-Mo)

Lions Corazon Mittens
for J-Mo
pattern: Knitty's Corazon Mittens
yarn: Lincraft cosy (blue/maroon), Colouor 4 me (yellow) - less than 1 ball of each
mods: Obviously I used three colours instead of two. Also, because the chart had turned out so big I only made decreases down to 30 stitches remaining rather than 18 at the top of each mitten.
comments: As I've mentioned, the chart section of these mittens came out much longer than I was expecting - so these kind of feel like wearing oven mitts (but in a good way!!)
Moving down to the smaller pattern size probably wouldn't have helped since they were a perfect fit around the hand.
The wool was also a little bit fuzzy, which interferes with the pattern a little, and also almolst a bit scratchy
- I definately preferred the zhivago for this pattern.

Eek, that sounds a bit negative, but really I'm still very pleased with how they came out, and J-Mo really liked them too =)

Mitten high-fives!! =)

Besos =)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

waffling on

On Thursday evening I had a sudden undeniable desperate urge for waffles.
(I blame the Yarn Harlot.)

There was nothing to do but give in, so yesterday afternoon (incidentally, right after having a chat with my doctor about my BMI...) I used the remainder of my birthday gift voucher from Mum to buy my very own waffle maker.

And after a delicious breakfast (the Boy and I have a great tradition of having a super breakfast together every Saturday morning) of waffles and strawberries I have no doubt that it was the right decision and that we're going to be great friends! =)

Aaah it took me right back to the streets of Ghent - where Mum and I bought crisp fresh waffles in the street mmmmm

(Isn't it amazing how food can transport you like that? On Thursday a baguette, two slices of ham and a slab of brie took me on a picnic in the shadow of the Eiffel tower...)

In knitting news I'm up to the 12th repeat (of about 20, I think) of the Dayflower scarf - Shannon has dusted off one she had hibernating to join us on this one too =).

I managed to convince the Lions corazon mittens to behave themselves, and J-Mo was very pleased when I gave them to her over chilli hot chocolate and a Belgian Spoil (mmmm doesn't it look delish? It was!!)yesterday.

I'll post mitteny a pic and stats tomorrow =)

besos =)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

mitten mojo no show

Eeeek these Lions Corazon mittens are suddenly giving me all kinds of troubles!!!

This is my fourth Corazon mitten (no trouble from the bombers corazons or the first Lion) but I just can't get this chart right - I've had to rip it back about 4 times to correct mistakes I've made. ugh

I'm hoping this is a sign that the J-Mo's Lions wont be able to get it together over my Hawks today!

besos =)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

200 posts - 1 stitch at a time

Knitting in the bus does occasionally draw comment from my fellow commuters.

People seem to be especially impressed by multiple needles and colours, so the dpns and 3 colours of the Lions Corazon mittens have had more than their fair share attention.

There's often a 'wow I could ever do that' from someone who has never picked up knitting needles and is simply fascinated by the fact you can make something out of a couple of sticks and some string (hey, aren't we all?)

That I can handle.

But sometimes a comment will come from someone who is obviously also a knitter.

They'll tell you all about a big, magnificent project that they're working on at home - like a cabled afghan for a kingsize bed all from 2ply (well, for example).

Then it comes: "but eeeek, colourwork! I could never work with three colours at once!! You must be sooo clever!"

What do you say???

To be honest it has just never occured to me to be afraid of my knitting.
I mean, its all just one stitch at a time, right?
I'm only ever knitting with one colour for each stitch.
And if I can do yarn-over and k2tog, there's no reason why I can't do one after the other, yeah?

(can someone please remind me of the above after I cast on for Kirri next week? thanks!)

Here's to fearless knitting!!!

besos xoxox

btw, the pics are from our train trip between Denmark and Amsterdam - Mum writing post cards is one of my fave photos from the whole trip, and the other shows my new Georg Jensen ring - we bought matching ones in Aarhhus as a special souvenir =)

Monday, August 06, 2007

did someone say football?

It was certainly a footy filled weekend chez Kuka et Boy this week! =)
(ok, there's always lots of footy, but more so this weekend than usual!)

All other knitting has been momentarily abandoned while I try to finish the Lion corazon mittens for J-Mo.

This shot shows the progress on the first mitten, I'm now almost up to the thumb placement for the second.

I'm using maroon blue and gold - maroon with gold on the back of the hand, and maroon with blue on the palm.

I was a bit worried about pulling from carrying the blue all the way across the back and yellow across the palm,

but the biggest problem has actually been the yarn substitution.

I got the perfect fit using zhivago last time, but I could only get the right colours in lincraft cosy (blue and maroon) and colour 4 me (yellow).

The fit is fine around the hand, but they're coming out too long from the wrist to the thumb.


I think they'll be ok though =)

Then there was the AFL at Manuka.

While my favourite team is most definately Hawthorn, I have to admit that I'm something of a (not so) closet Demons fan - so I was pretty excited to get to see them in the flesh.

Unfortunately they weren't so excited to be there - infact it was some time before it became apparent that they were there.

So, the game in itself wasn't super exciting, but i was stil a good day - fabulous weather and we got pies before they ran out.

And it was a good excuse for some cute cupcakes!

These little guys are cranberry and vanilla (I used the orange recipe from the Essential Baking Cookbook, but substituted in cranberry juice instead of orange and doubled the vanilla) with a basic lemon icing.

The footies on top are red jellybeans with white chocolate lace details.

There's red and white for Sydney, red and blue for Melbourne! =)

Ofcourse, this was also our own personal 'rivalry round' - with the Boy being an Essendon fan - and I'm pleased to report that the hawks are 2 for 2 over the bombers this year! huzzah!

Hope the weekend was kind to you too! =)

besos =)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Like Luke Perry in Buffy (the movie)

Yep, I was LP big time yesterday.

I had totally intended to come to S'n'B, but then it got all dark and cold and I was sleepy and, well, you know how it is in winter =S

Actually, I even had my cute new bus knitting case with me! Its from Paris!! (as are today's photos =))

The yarn hunt in gay Paris took us to the Le Bon Marche, a huge department store.

To be honest I was pleasantly surprised by the resuts of this yarny expedition.

Despite the department storeyness there was a massive range of yarns, very nicely arranged, and the staff seemed to know a little something about knitting!!!

In fact most of them were actually in the process of knitting when we arrived!!

(Ok, not the greatest pic, but you get the idea ;))

Paris is such an amazing place (ok, quit it with the duhs) - I just can't imagine ever running out of things to see or do.

I'm sure you could spend about 10 weeks in the Louvre alone.
And you still probably wont have seen everything there.

We had some fairly interesting weather in Paris - let's call it tropical (pelting rain storms every 7.5 minutes or so) - but there were so many things to do inside that it didn't realy matter too much.

And, like my last trip to Paris - but contrary to popular belief - every single person we spoke to was completely friendly and helpful.

And the coffee - oooh the coffee!!!

The sitting at cafes and just watching!

I'm happy to report that we did our fair share of coffee and watching.

(And is that not the cutest breakfast you've ever seen?)

Oooh yes, I'd go back to Paris in a second! (can you tell?)

Back here and now, but stil with the yarn, the knitting is back in full swing - especally on the bus (actually, I'm trying not to mention it, but a little something starting with R is distracting me at other times =S) - and I am nearly all the way through the chart on the first of the Lions Corazons for J-Mo.

(sorry, I'll come back and add in some links a bit later)

The dayflower lace is momentarily on hold - I have a little question I was going to ask around at S'n'B.

Perhaps its a kind of stupid question (except that there aren't any stupid questions, just stupid people asking questions.. or something... hehe).

Here goes:
I'm using patons totem merino.
Totem merino is machine washable.
Lace needs blocking to look as pretty as possible.

So, will a machine washable yarn block effectively enough to be worth finishing, or should I rip and start again in a more blockable yarn?


besos! =)