Friday, August 03, 2007

Like Luke Perry in Buffy (the movie)

Yep, I was LP big time yesterday.

I had totally intended to come to S'n'B, but then it got all dark and cold and I was sleepy and, well, you know how it is in winter =S

Actually, I even had my cute new bus knitting case with me! Its from Paris!! (as are today's photos =))

The yarn hunt in gay Paris took us to the Le Bon Marche, a huge department store.

To be honest I was pleasantly surprised by the resuts of this yarny expedition.

Despite the department storeyness there was a massive range of yarns, very nicely arranged, and the staff seemed to know a little something about knitting!!!

In fact most of them were actually in the process of knitting when we arrived!!

(Ok, not the greatest pic, but you get the idea ;))

Paris is such an amazing place (ok, quit it with the duhs) - I just can't imagine ever running out of things to see or do.

I'm sure you could spend about 10 weeks in the Louvre alone.
And you still probably wont have seen everything there.

We had some fairly interesting weather in Paris - let's call it tropical (pelting rain storms every 7.5 minutes or so) - but there were so many things to do inside that it didn't realy matter too much.

And, like my last trip to Paris - but contrary to popular belief - every single person we spoke to was completely friendly and helpful.

And the coffee - oooh the coffee!!!

The sitting at cafes and just watching!

I'm happy to report that we did our fair share of coffee and watching.

(And is that not the cutest breakfast you've ever seen?)

Oooh yes, I'd go back to Paris in a second! (can you tell?)

Back here and now, but stil with the yarn, the knitting is back in full swing - especally on the bus (actually, I'm trying not to mention it, but a little something starting with R is distracting me at other times =S) - and I am nearly all the way through the chart on the first of the Lions Corazons for J-Mo.

(sorry, I'll come back and add in some links a bit later)

The dayflower lace is momentarily on hold - I have a little question I was going to ask around at S'n'B.

Perhaps its a kind of stupid question (except that there aren't any stupid questions, just stupid people asking questions.. or something... hehe).

Here goes:
I'm using patons totem merino.
Totem merino is machine washable.
Lace needs blocking to look as pretty as possible.

So, will a machine washable yarn block effectively enough to be worth finishing, or should I rip and start again in a more blockable yarn?


besos! =)


  1. Yikes, didnt even think of that - having never blocked anything before! My yarn is too...and I cast off last night! eek!

    Ahh, day. Great pics, very envious!

  2. Yeah, I'm really not sure what the 'machine washable' treatment does to the blockability of a yarn?

  3. To my knowledge machine washability does not affect the blockability of the yarn. Being machine washable just means the yarn is unlikely to felt when you throw it in the washing machine, it does not mean it won't block. But don't wash your lace in the washing machine. Just soak it and pin it out etc.

  4. I'm pretty sure machine-washability doesn't affect blockability... but am not the expert on this.

    I spent a few days in Paris with the Canberra Youth Orchestra when we were on tour in 1980 - it was utterly magical then, and definitely not enough time. One day, one day...

    I don't blame you for staying in on Thursday night. Wasn't The Eagle left on a cliff-hanger - poor Nazim!! Aaaargh!!

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog! :P I think I know of that particular colour of Lucca of which you speak.. I believe I've made scarf with it once. Don't you just love love love the heathered colours?!

    I went to Bon Marché too.. the sales woman was a little snippy with me and curtly replied "No Eeengleeesh" because I had a problem trying to explain exactly what I wanted and how much (I was so excited to finally be there!).
    Did you go to La Droguerie?? AMAZING yarn in that store! :)

    I've always thought the French breakfasts were a bit odd, considering I'm used to cereal/toast and milk.. But it's quite delicious! Although, after a week of those sweet pain au chocolat every single morning, you start missing your oatmeal. ;)

  6. LOVE the picture of the Noro and Eiffel Tower!
    Paris, and yarn, and croissants and the Louvre. How did you manage to come back??!!


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