Monday, August 06, 2007

did someone say football?

It was certainly a footy filled weekend chez Kuka et Boy this week! =)
(ok, there's always lots of footy, but more so this weekend than usual!)

All other knitting has been momentarily abandoned while I try to finish the Lion corazon mittens for J-Mo.

This shot shows the progress on the first mitten, I'm now almost up to the thumb placement for the second.

I'm using maroon blue and gold - maroon with gold on the back of the hand, and maroon with blue on the palm.

I was a bit worried about pulling from carrying the blue all the way across the back and yellow across the palm,

but the biggest problem has actually been the yarn substitution.

I got the perfect fit using zhivago last time, but I could only get the right colours in lincraft cosy (blue and maroon) and colour 4 me (yellow).

The fit is fine around the hand, but they're coming out too long from the wrist to the thumb.


I think they'll be ok though =)

Then there was the AFL at Manuka.

While my favourite team is most definately Hawthorn, I have to admit that I'm something of a (not so) closet Demons fan - so I was pretty excited to get to see them in the flesh.

Unfortunately they weren't so excited to be there - infact it was some time before it became apparent that they were there.

So, the game in itself wasn't super exciting, but i was stil a good day - fabulous weather and we got pies before they ran out.

And it was a good excuse for some cute cupcakes!

These little guys are cranberry and vanilla (I used the orange recipe from the Essential Baking Cookbook, but substituted in cranberry juice instead of orange and doubled the vanilla) with a basic lemon icing.

The footies on top are red jellybeans with white chocolate lace details.

There's red and white for Sydney, red and blue for Melbourne! =)

Ofcourse, this was also our own personal 'rivalry round' - with the Boy being an Essendon fan - and I'm pleased to report that the hawks are 2 for 2 over the bombers this year! huzzah!

Hope the weekend was kind to you too! =)

besos =)


  1. Am not a footy person at all but damn those are some adoreable cupcakes... i may convert! as soon as someone explains to me why the chaps with no necks try so hard to get the ball only to kick it away again...?

  2. hehe - you're thinking of the various rugby codes - AFL players have some very fine necks indeed =)

  3. I don't know much (anything) about footy, but I LOVE those cupcakes - yum! SO cute! Good luck getting the mittens to behave.

  4. The nmitten is lovely , but the Footy Cupcakes?? To die for!! I love them, they are sooo cute!!!!!! I will have to point my friend toward this post, I am sure her son would love these cupcakes!!

  5. Very judicious of you, having cupcakes in both team colours! I'm a swans fan so I am perfectly content with Sunday's result!

  6. Gah - the not travelling thing is really irritating, especially when my team was playing only 3 hours away!!! I so would have been there. The patty cakes look gorgeous and I really love the footballs : )

    re blocking machine washable yarn - I'm with the folks that said "no difference". I did my ISE4 scarf with machine washable and it came up a treat with blocking. Just soaked then pinned.


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