Saturday, August 25, 2007

An FO and a great big FUNK

Since my last post the dayflower lace scarf has been finished,

ends woven in and de-caterpillared by a darn good blocking,

worn and complimented!

So, without further ado:

Dayflower Lace Scarf for Moi
yarn: Patons Merino Totem (2 balls)
mods: None. Two balls gave me exactly the right amount for 20 repeats of the pattern.
comments:This hasn't blocked out super well - I gave it a wet blocking but I think I'll try some steam too.

So, what next?
I finished the knitting on Sunday, but haven't knit anything since.
I have a huge case of knitting ugh =(

Its not that I don't have plans (or yarn) for projects, (like these, this vest, this shawl, one of theses bags, the pattern on the cover of this, some of these mitts, or a top down cardie/hoodie from some beautiful cleckheaton country naturals (in colour 1825) I picked up last weekend.)

I've started some swatching but nothing is grabbing me....

Today might be a great day for baking.....


  1. Hello you lovely thing!

    Dayflower scarf is divine :) And I totally get the "knitting ughs" when you can't work out what to start next.

    You coming to the next snb in the city (whenever that is)? I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip - or rather, talking some more about the burger vending machine :)

    Also, the brisbane lions gloves are superb. I love the AFL theme!

  2. Pretty! :) I always love lace scarves...

    I've been having a case of knitting ugh as well. I'm working on a scarf, kind of, but only when I have a spare moment at work. I want to work on a sweater, but I don't know which or with what yarn. *sigh*
    Woe is us. :P

  3. That is fantastic! i love the colour you have used to - it's very classy.

    Good luck with the knitting ughs. Baking is not a bad thing to do in the interim ...

  4. I love your scarf, it looks great!! I like the vest and the Jet jumper too. I was in a boogelly knitting mood for 2 days, but I have started 2 new things today so I feel much better!!!

  5. Oh no, the funk is contagious.... aaarrggghh! Or maybe there's just one Funk, and now that it's done with me, it moved onto you! I know just how you feel - hope the cooking therapy works.

    I vote for the patons jumper, if its any help ;-)

    Your dayflower is stunning, love the colour! Mine rolled itself back up again after a few days, so a good steaming is required, I think.

  6. Dayflower is lovely - many congrats, and out of only 2 balls!


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