Sunday, August 19, 2007

FO: Lions Corazon mittens

As promised, lions and stats =)

(sorry about the sucky boring pic - I forgot to get a proper modelled shot before I gave them to J-Mo)

Lions Corazon Mittens
for J-Mo
pattern: Knitty's Corazon Mittens
yarn: Lincraft cosy (blue/maroon), Colouor 4 me (yellow) - less than 1 ball of each
mods: Obviously I used three colours instead of two. Also, because the chart had turned out so big I only made decreases down to 30 stitches remaining rather than 18 at the top of each mitten.
comments: As I've mentioned, the chart section of these mittens came out much longer than I was expecting - so these kind of feel like wearing oven mitts (but in a good way!!)
Moving down to the smaller pattern size probably wouldn't have helped since they were a perfect fit around the hand.
The wool was also a little bit fuzzy, which interferes with the pattern a little, and also almolst a bit scratchy
- I definately preferred the zhivago for this pattern.

Eek, that sounds a bit negative, but really I'm still very pleased with how they came out, and J-Mo really liked them too =)

Mitten high-fives!! =)

Besos =)


  1. The picture is not too sucky!!! I can really see the pattern and both sides of the mitten!! They look great, the fair isle part is very cool!!!

  2. you seriously are the Corazon Queen!! The more I look, the more I want.

    I think it's a lovely photo.

  3. They look dazzling! Great job, and the photo is fine - easy to see the pattern on front and back, nice and clear :)

  4. The Corazon mittens are next on my mitten list! :) I like yours! Was the colour work difficult?


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