Thursday, March 21, 2013

Creative space

Loads of creative stuff going on here, and with a day off tomorrow and then brown owls on Saturday I'm hoping to get lots more done too =)

woodland sampler stitching

Looks to me like a good, crafty, & long weekend ahead!!

More creative spaces here !


Monday, March 18, 2013


Last weekend we popped down to Melbourne for a few days to celebrate my sister's wedding.
It was an amazing, gorgeous, wonderful (and hot! 35ishC!!) day.

I have 3 younger sisters and we're all pretty crafty/creative.
Steph is the cross-stitch champion in the family, so when I came across a super cute pattern for a wedding sampler at Little Dove Designs on etsy I knew I wanted to make it for her =)

Of course this is the secret stitchy project I've been working on the last month or so, and the 2nd finished project for March (as alluded to here =))
Unfortunately the colours haven't come out very well in this photo - in real life the pinky reds and greens are much more vibrant!
All in all I think this turned out pretty cute, and the newly weds both seemed to like it too =)


ps - this is the boot of mum's car the morning after the wedding - stuffed with gorgeous flowers!
We put them everywhere in Steph's houses, and there were still enough for people to take bunches home! Beautiful!!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

taa daa :: big baby hexy quilt

A very exciting weekend here this week, with one project finished and one oh so very close (imagine - 2 finished projects in one week!!). Today's taa daa is the big baby hexy blanket, which I made for a handsome little boy who turned 1 this week =)

My records (aka instagram) tell me I started on this little project 32 weeks ago! I worked on it loads while I watched the Olympics last year, and I have no idea why it took me so long because I loved making it.

 The hexies are 2 inch and just a random selection of cute and colourful fabrics I had in my stash - I wanted it to be a kind of  i spy quilt, with loads of fun things to look at.
After hand piecing the hexies I appliqued them onto the spotty backing - I thought about cutting away the fabric behind them but in the end decided not to. I think if I had they might have been less 'puffy' - if I even get my hexymf hexies done I am going to need to rethink my basting & applique method!

I also hand-quilted using DMC embroidery thread - yellow the all the way around the appliqued piece and then different bright colours around random hexies.

The backing is a very cute Noah's Ark kind of print from Spotlight - I think it is just perfect.
This was my first time making and sewing on my own binding (the two baby blankets I made last year I used ready-made bias binding) - and I'm pretty happy with it. Actually, I'm even pretty happy with the mitred corners =)

Don't you just love a folded quilt?!

I finished it with an embroidered label (of sorts - just a name and date with some kisses and hugs) and was very excited to hand it over to the little guy at lunch on Saturday - I hope he'll love it =)