Thursday, June 30, 2011


Remember all the fun we had dressing in our me-mades for Me-Made-March?
Zoe has coordinated another Me-Made challenge this month -Me-Made-June (natch).

Although I loved participating in March, I sat this month out - mostly because I haven't sewed a single stitch of clothing since the end of March, but also because July mornings are cold in Canberra - so all my photos would look like this:

but sans the lovely scenery! (Skagen, fyi)

Since today is the last day, I thought I'd share the link to the flickr group and encourage everyone to pop over and have a look! While I haven't been Me-Made-ing myself it has still been fun and super inspiring to see what everyone is making and wearing!

My very favourite this month has been Karen from Did You Make That. Karen took a different approach to her outfit photos for the months, aiming for each of her outfit shots to show her with a random stranger who she invited to be in the photo alongside my stitching. It has made for some brilliant blogging (although I'll admit I am a big fan of Karen's blog at any time!) - do href="">go and check it out!

Enjoy, and well done to all of the Me-Made-June participants for getting through the month! =)


Monday, June 27, 2011


I've had a bit of a clean up of the blog today - what do you think?

Other things I did on my day off...
- ironed all the fabrics I washed on the weekend in preparation for selecting and cutting squares for the Country Time quilt (some of them are on the clothes-horse there)

- made Country Chicken soup in my slow cooker for dinner later in the week

- watched a good chunk of season 1 of Bones

- been sat on by cats

- organised a gardener to come around next week and give our front yard a severe cutting back

- made rocky road for the first time - I used this recipe, but used raspberry lollies instead of cherries, and shortbread instead of milk coffee biscuits, and added coconut. Also, I added sprinkles, just because I love sprinkles.

A day well spent, I think =)


Sunday, June 26, 2011


It has been cold here the last few weeks, and that along with the passing of the winter solstice has me all thinking about our winter holiday.

I haven't had much time until this weekend to have a good look at Mum's photos since I copied them over to my computer when I was visiting for birthdays in April, but I came across this one tonight, and I think it is so lovely that I just had to share

I think one of the best things about travelling as we did during the middle of winter was getting to see what is hidden when the all plants are fully clothed - the tiny twisted branches on this one are a perfect example of that.

I really haven't shared nearly enough pics from our trip here on the blog yet, but I'm feeling rather nostalgic for Denmark and our holiday just now, so hopefully I'll get some more up soon.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


As well as the fun stuff in yesterday's post, I've been sticking to my cookbook challenge too - so today I've got a couple of Jamie's 30 minute meals to share with you today =)

This is my favourite of the recipes I've cooked so far - Moroccan lamb chops (our butcher does the best lamb!) with flatbreads, herby couscous and stuffed peppers

I loved the pomegranate drink too - but it was super messy!

I have never used a pomegranate before - my kitchen looked like a CSI crime scene by the time I got the juice all out! haha

Chicken skewers with amazing satay sauce and fiery noodle salad

This was ok, but I didn't think the sauce was that amaizing - maybe my little blender didn't make it smooth enough? Noodles were delish though! This was probably the quickest dish to make - athough putting the chicken on the skewers took quite a while (I tried Jamie's method of lining up the chicken and putting the skewers through before cutting the chicken up, but the chicken bits I had were too fat for that!)

Steak Indian-Style with spinach & paneer salad and naan bread

This was yummy - we love a spinach/beef/pan-fried cheese kinda salad - but the house smelled like curry for days haha. This was pretty quick too!

I think overall the meals I tried were fun and tasty, but I didn't manage the time limit yet - which isn't really a big deal (Jamie says it will take practice!), except there are loads of dishes I make that are also super tasty and that I can do in less than 30 minutes. The other drawback I found is that there are so many bits and pieces with each meal that I found the shopping got a bit expensive.

There are a bunch more recipes in the book I still want to try, so there will certainly be more Jamie in my kitchen! If you're keen to try some of the recipes too quite a few are available on the website! And if you have tried any I'd love to hear what you thought!

Next up I'm tackling some recipes from Sally Wise's Leftover Makeovers - I've cooked a bunch of Sally's recipes before, so I can't wait to try out these new ones!

Happy cooking xo

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

catching up

June has whizzed past like I can't believe!

Here's a tiny peek at some of what I've been up to...

visiting Melbourne

to go to the footy
(well, for work really, but the footy was the fun part! my team won, but even if they hadn't I think it would have been worth the trip just to see the look on my colleague's face when the people in front of us opened their thermos and poured out hotdogs, not tea hehe it was her first trip to the 'G! =))

knitting (in public)

which was so lovely we went bag for brekky the next day - 'Conquistador' a la a bite to eat - A.MAZING
(actually we HAD to go back on account of I was so excited about the knitting and the yarn that I left my phone there, so we had to pick it up on Sunday morning! oops ;o))

eating macarons - from the handmade market

and a spot of Brown Owl craftiness

Loads more to share soon!

Thanks for popping by!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

creative space :: woof

This week I had a over-night work trip to Melbourne, and since embroidery is a perfect travelling craft I took the opportunity to get a start on the final embroidered block for my country time quilt - I went with the digging lab =)

Since the last time I was organised enough to join in, creative spaces have a new home!! To see more creative spaces, head over here.