Thursday, June 30, 2011


Remember all the fun we had dressing in our me-mades for Me-Made-March?
Zoe has coordinated another Me-Made challenge this month -Me-Made-June (natch).

Although I loved participating in March, I sat this month out - mostly because I haven't sewed a single stitch of clothing since the end of March, but also because July mornings are cold in Canberra - so all my photos would look like this:

but sans the lovely scenery! (Skagen, fyi)

Since today is the last day, I thought I'd share the link to the flickr group and encourage everyone to pop over and have a look! While I haven't been Me-Made-ing myself it has still been fun and super inspiring to see what everyone is making and wearing!

My very favourite this month has been Karen from Did You Make That. Karen took a different approach to her outfit photos for the months, aiming for each of her outfit shots to show her with a random stranger who she invited to be in the photo alongside my stitching. It has made for some brilliant blogging (although I'll admit I am a big fan of Karen's blog at any time!) - do href="">go and check it out!

Enjoy, and well done to all of the Me-Made-June participants for getting through the month! =)



  1. I've been watching Me-Made June too, and I love Karen from Did you Sew That?. Brilliant.

    I'm doing Self Stitched September. You in?

  2. I couldn't participate in MMJ this year so I a looking forward to SSS!! Thank you for the link to Karen's blog!!!


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