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We saw loads of gorgeous scenery on our holiday, but I think the time nature most took my breath away was on our day trip to Skagen.

Skagen is at the very very northern most tip of Denmark, where the North and Baltic seas meet. It is really amazing - you can actually see a line out through the water where the currents collide.

The sky was amazing! Look at the clouds! Although it was only 1pm the sun was quite low, and there were sunset-y colours across the horizon. I don't think it quite shows up very well in the photo, but there was an arc of almost a rainbow around the sun (you can kind of see it on the left in the first photo there). The colours come up quite differently in those two - really the light was probably somewhere in between.

I think this was the coldest day of our holiday! Right on the shore the water was slushy with ice (like a frozen margarita!) - the white along the shoreline there is flakes of ice!

And look at this little guy enjoying the sunshine!
Gorgeous! =)



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