Thursday, June 28, 2012

Creative space :: hexacutapalooza

Michelle was kind enough tolend me her rotisoboard (round spinny cutting board thing) for the week, so I've been making the most of it be cutting out a bunch of hexies for my hexy MF quilt.

(also, I just installed instagram on my iPhone so have been playing with the photo editing!)

Some of them I have cut willy-nilly as far as the print is concerned - just making sure to use the least fabric - others have been cut carefully (like making the stripes run top to bottom)  or even fussy cut (to put the checks, coloured diamonds or flowers in the centre.

I might have said this already, but each flower I sew up is my new favourite - even the ones that I make from fabrics that I wasn't sold on to start of with. The ones with geometric/stripey prints are probably my least favourite just as a length of fabric, but particularly cool sewn up into flowers - that orange one with the check in the middle is going to look amazing!

I have 5 flowers finished so far (remember, the hexy MF quilt uses 74!), with 15 more cut out - I think I'll do some basting over the next few nights (it is surprisingly therapeutic!)

Don't forget, there are loads more crafty spaces to check out over here!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

In June I am reading...

June is a pretty crazy month for me work-wise - I work with a committee that meets 3 times a year, at the start of a month, and we spend until the very end of the month scrambling to get everything written up. June is one of those months. I actually really love the work, but the full-on writing and revising (and re-writing and re-revising) doesn't leave much energy at the end of the day for reading.

So June is perhaps more of a 'this month I am perusing' time.
Frustrated with the lack of decent bookshops in Canberra, a couple of weeks ago I placed a fairly indulgent order with one of the online book joints. Everything arrived last week - since then I've enjoyed a look through them with my cup of tea each night.

Here's what I got...

Shape Workshop (by the guys at Fat Quarterly)
 Fresh Fabric Treats (by the guys at Moda Bake Shop)

Jelly Roll Inspirations (by Pam and Nicky Lintott)


Jelly Babies (from That Patchwork Place)

So much beautiful inspiration!
Looking at these gorgeous books over and over (and over), and matching up patterns with my quilting fabric stash is just exactly what I need after long work days at the moment!

And I have my next 'proper' read lined up for when I recover from this busy time - today I picked up a copy of Wolf Hall, which Jo recommended at Brown Owls last week. Michelle was saying good things about it last month too (in fact, I've heard only good things about this book) so am looking forward to reading it myself!


Want to be part of our bloggy bookclub for June?
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Hexy MF -along

Obviously I've got the hexy EPP bug, so what to do with all the lovely hexy flowers I want to make?
Well, I'm chucking myself in the deep end on this one and embarking on a big hexy project by joining in with the hexy MF along at the Fat Quarterly blog!

Hexy MF is an AMAZING quilt designed by Katy from I'm a ginger monkey - look how gorgeous it is!!

Hexy MF
Gorgeous photo from here

I spent all last Saturday night looking at the pics and thinking about what fabrics I might use, and had almost decided to do it, then on Sunday morning discovered that a couple of my friends were hexy MFing (check out Michelle's lovely Kaffe hexies!). A gorgeous hexy quilt AND along-ing with friends, how could I say no?

The fabric requirements are on the FQ blog already, and Katy will be posting all the instructions for making yor own hexy MF there too.

I'm planning on using nearly all stash fabrics - I'm cutting in to the Daisy Mae (by Denyse Schmidt) fabric that I won (huzzah - I still can't believe it!) on the Spotlight light blog (the Warped and the Weft) back in February.

All of those were in the package I won except for the 5 on top, which are also Denyse Schmidt prints that I picked up from Spotties (I went in just after some yellow for my hexy centres, but couldn't resist those other lovelies too!).

I've finished 2 hexy flowers so far, and have 4 more cut out ready to baste and piece - choosing centre/petal combinations is a lot fun! (just as well too, since I have to make 74 hexy flowers for the quilt top! That's 518 hexies!)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

creative space :: winter solstice

Winter solstice today!
I really don't mind the cold weather of winter (even the minus 6C mornings, like yesterday!), but I'm not super keen on the darkness so I do look forward to the solstice!

This year to celebrate I had some friends over for a solstice supper and preserve swap, this week's craftiness was all about wintry party preparations.

gorgeous photo by my talented friend Suzy Hausfrau

The biscuits are made from this recipe (minus the almond essence), and used this plunger cutter (from one of my very favourite Canberra shops - Style Emporium) for the fondant snowflakes.

I made hot chocolate mix (this recipe) and Martha's homemade marshmallows as a little party favour to thank everyone for coming along (solstice suppers are much less fun on your own! =))

And for the swap - my very favourite chilli jelly!
Perfect for the solstice - it looks like sunshine in a jar!

Pop over here to check out what everyone's creating on the year's shortest day!
(Or longest! You know, if they're in the northern hemisphere!)


Sunday, June 17, 2012


It has been a gloomy, wintry weekend here!
This is what we got up to...

Suzy's WWKIP get together on Saturday was brilliant.
A Bite to Eat is really a great cafe - the food is amazing, the seats coomfy-cosy, and the hot chocolate comes in a bowl (what more could you ask for?!)

Brown Owls was a lot of fun too - it was great to see everyone's hexies in progress, and also to hear how people were planning to use them.
Here's some of my hexy progress from today:

I was really unsure about that diamond-y fabric - as a print I wasn't that keen on it, but fussy cut like that and all around the centre hex it actually looks really cool!

There'll be a wrap-up from the Brown Owls meeting with loads of photos on the members blog soon.

In weekendy kitchen news, I'm back on the gingerbread - I just love it. I used this same recipe from last year - so spicey and delicious!
We gave the slow cooker a rest this weekend, but we did try out two recipes from the Sally Wise book last weekend - a bolognese sauce made from steak, rather than mince (we mexicanised it and had it in tacos) and thai chicken curry which was my FAVOURITE from the book so far.

Hope your weekend was wonderful too!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hexy inspiration

I've been doing lots of hexy browsing (and getting so much hexy inspiration!) this week, in preparation for our English paper piecing lesson at Brown Owls tomorrow.

Here are some of my favourite hexies from flickr, in case you need some inspiration too!
hexy inspiration

Of course, there's loads more inspiration to be had on flickr - check out the handsome hexies group (there are some really AMAZING pics!!)

And here is my own very first completed hexy flower!

You can't tell from the pic, but it's pretty big - the sides of each hexagon are 1.5 inches.
I can't wait to make a bunch more!


Friday, June 15, 2012


Like last year, I'll be spending the arvo with Suzy Hausfrau and other fellow knitters and crocheters at a Bite to Eat in Chifley - all the info is here if you're interested!

As well as organising tomorrow's get together, Suzy has also been celebrating WWKIP day this week with a series of guest interviews on her blog - they've been really great so do pop over and check it out!

I'll be working on my  honey cowl, which I think might just almost be finished!
It feels amazing - so soft and squooshy - so I can't wait to be able to wear it!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I'm really extra excited about our Brown Owls meeting this month - we're doing english piecing paper, which I've been wanting to try out since I missed the EPP meeting in our very first BO year.

My friend Michelle is our resident EPP expert and was sweet enough to give me an early lesson on the weekend so I've had a little headstart!

I really adore EPP - the maths nerd in me finds all the shapes, and the hundreds of different ways you can put them together, completely fascinating!

This hexy flower is a just for practising, but I do have a special quilty project in mind for my next ones!


Thursday, June 07, 2012

My creative space :: candle

On the weekend I finally managed to get along to one of Handmade's crafty workshops -soy candle making. 
A friend came along with me, and we had so much fun!
Rachel from Handmade, who ran the workshop, was so helpful and friendly, and I think my little candle there looks pretty sweet.

It turns out soy candle making is a bit addictive - my friend and I are planning a joint order from Aussie Candle Supplies. So many fragrances - how too choose!

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Sunday, June 03, 2012

slow cookerpalooza :: Soup-er

There's nothing better on a gloomy weekend than a delicious soup dinner.
And just in case we thought nothing looked grosser (whilst still being 'souper' tasty) than a slow cooked dinner - check out the soup ingredients all ready to start cooking!

This week's Slow Cooker 2 dish - hearty chicken & vegie soup.
SO much tastier than it looks!