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Winter solstice today!
I really don't mind the cold weather of winter (even the minus 6C mornings, like yesterday!), but I'm not super keen on the darkness so I do look forward to the solstice!

This year to celebrate I had some friends over for a solstice supper and preserve swap, this week's craftiness was all about wintry party preparations.

gorgeous photo by my talented friend Suzy Hausfrau

The biscuits are made from this recipe (minus the almond essence), and used this plunger cutter (from one of my very favourite Canberra shops - Style Emporium) for the fondant snowflakes.

I made hot chocolate mix (this recipe) and Martha's homemade marshmallows as a little party favour to thank everyone for coming along (solstice suppers are much less fun on your own! =))

And for the swap - my very favourite chilli jelly!
Perfect for the solstice - it looks like sunshine in a jar!

Pop over here to check out what everyone's creating on the year's shortest day!
(Or longest! You know, if they're in the northern hemisphere!)



  1. nom nom nom. perfect with a great cuppa gumboot tea :)

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