Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekending :: craft fair!

On Saturday I popped down to Melbourne for an overnighter to go to the quilt and craft fair!
The Block Arcade - one of my fave places to stop for coffee =)

I did a bit of shopping, and loads of admiring! There were so many hexy quilts in the quilt exhibition, and the 'Mrs Billings' coverlet' quilts were a highlight too - so much detail!

Saturday actually started nice and early - we got up at 5:45 for the olympic opening ceremony.
Very early, especially for a weekend, but coffee and egg & bacon butties made it easier =)

I think the next two weeks will be good for the hexy progress - I'm looking forward to watching loads of Olympic sports - which means lots of couch time, and hexies are just perfect for that! =)

 I sewed up hexy flowers #21 and #22 over the weekend - look at how my stack is growing! =)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Creative space :: basting

More creative spaces here =)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hexy update

As promised - hexy update!I have 17 hexy flowers all sewn up for my hexymf now - and I think they are so pretty all stacked up like that (I'm so jealous of people who have a stack of 50 odd - they look gorgeous!)
I've sewn up nearly all of my basted hexies now (there are a couple that I am just waiting on the right centre fabric before I can finish them) so last night I cut out a bunch more - after these I am pretty close to having used each of my fabrics once.
There is loads more hexy-goodness over at the fat quarterly flickr group if you're interested! xo

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I spent most of last week in Sydney for work. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with travelling for work - it's exciting, then the reality of the work part hits (not to mention the inevitable super early morning flight).

sydney morning

But once I'm there I generally really enjoy it - I feel pretty lucky to work somewhere that I find just as exciting after 6 years as when I first started, and even more so that I work with people who are fun to spend time with when the work parts of the trip are done.


I took some hexies with me for sewing, and even though I didn't get blog my creative space during the week I did photograph it for later =)
hexies in the hotel

Here are the hexies spread out on the bed - choosing the centres is fun but always tricky!

If you can stand it pop back in the next day or so for a proper hexy update =)


Monday, July 09, 2012

Slowcookerpalooza :: pulled beef

This weekend's slow cooker 2 dinner - pulled beef. We served with mashed potatties last night

tonight we made the left overs into cottage pie

mmmmm delish


Thursday, July 05, 2012

Creative space :: iPhonetos

Hexy basting tonight!


But perhaps the real creative space is the camera roll of my iPhone - I had no idea there were so many iPhonetography apps until I read about a few on Smaggle yesterday

I've been having a great time faffing about with the different filters and lighting effects!
I think it will be really fun for uploading some pics when we're on our holiday!

Ooh, and that's hexy flower number 10 right there! 
I love the peachy print - I think it's my new favourite! (have we heard that before?) ;o)

Don't forget to check out more creative spaces over here!


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Take it easy Tuesday

After a busy couple of weeks, the guy and I declared today "take it easy Tuesday" - we both took leave and spent the day at home together watching tv and eating waffles.

There is just one rule for take it easy Tuesday - you can only do fun things. Hexies definitely qualify!
Over the last week I've done lots of cutting hexies for my hexy MF quilt and basting them on to their papers.

Today I took advantage of the day on the couch to sew up a couple more sets into hexy flowers. This is number 8 - I'm determined to make it to double hexy figures tonight!

All we need now is our homemade pizza dinner and maybe a movie on the tv for a perfect day! =)


Sunday, July 01, 2012


We're not really the type to search out opshops, but the guy loves shopping for secondhand books, and there's a great little oppy with a massive range of books right where we like to park the car if we head to the mall on the weekend, so we do pop in fairly regularly.

I've been keeping an eye out for some pretty (and cheap) tea cups to try making candles in. This weekend I finally hit a winner with this little cup and saucer set!

I also loved these little saucers too much to leave behind - there were 4 in almost perfect condition (one has a tiny chip on the underside) and I'll use then as cake plates. (Imagine how beautiful the cups must have been!)

And while I'm sharing my oppy wins, I just have to show you this one too - a little vintage pyrex dish with snowflakes on it! I love the snowflake print pyrex, so was thrilled to find this!
At the moment it is on the shelf in the living room holding some equally cute fabric!

Of course I always knew these were the kinds of things you might see in your local oppy, but finding bits and pieces of lovely like this for myself gives me a whole new appreciation for opshopping =)