We're not really the type to search out opshops, but the guy loves shopping for secondhand books, and there's a great little oppy with a massive range of books right where we like to park the car if we head to the mall on the weekend, so we do pop in fairly regularly.

I've been keeping an eye out for some pretty (and cheap) tea cups to try making candles in. This weekend I finally hit a winner with this little cup and saucer set!

I also loved these little saucers too much to leave behind - there were 4 in almost perfect condition (one has a tiny chip on the underside) and I'll use then as cake plates. (Imagine how beautiful the cups must have been!)

And while I'm sharing my oppy wins, I just have to show you this one too - a little vintage pyrex dish with snowflakes on it! I love the snowflake print pyrex, so was thrilled to find this!
At the moment it is on the shelf in the living room holding some equally cute fabric!

Of course I always knew these were the kinds of things you might see in your local oppy, but finding bits and pieces of lovely like this for myself gives me a whole new appreciation for opshopping =)