Sunday, September 24, 2006

9 to 5

A fabulous way to end a working week, on Friday I spent the day at the National Museum of Australia for a work conference.
It was a beautiful day, and I managed to take some pics to share =)

The conference was held in the 'Peninsula' room, the front wall of which is entirely windowed. These pictures were taken from outside, but are pretty indicative of what we could see behind the speakers and their presentations:
The building in the right of frame is our National Library

And this is our Parliament House:

The museum is relativley new (it opened in 2001) and has some really cool interactive kind of exhibitions about Australia, the land and the people, and some interesting architecture too:

This is by the entrance, looking through to the 'Garden of Australian Dreams':

And some shots of the garden itself, first looking toward the museum:

then back in the other direction:

I didn't get a chance to look around much on Friday, but also on Friday Mum arrived, and we actually went back today to checkout some of the exhibitions (I say some because, in about 3 hours, we saw maybe a third of what's there!)

As if Friday wasn't exciting enough already, 'Maria Two-Bob' arrived from Canada on a surprise (for everyone else except us) visit, and was the special secret guest of honour at a Roadkill reunion in honour of Beauzo and The Red Man both having birthdays to celebrate wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh
I suspect I'll have more to say about that soon, either here or at Roadkill or both.

Besos =)

oh, PS BTW (hehe) I'm lovin' it - the JT album that is! I really like the song that goes 'damn girl damn girl damn girl damn girl damn girl DAMN!' hehe

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


ok, i know sometimes i get over-excited with the quizzing, but this one is cool

My pirate name is:

Mad Dog Rackham

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Serenity now!

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Which robbie williams song r u??
created with

On further contemplation today it occured to me that it was reported in the papers on Sunday that Robbie is cancelling the Asian leg of his tour.
Now I'm REALLY worried that he will cancel here too! =S

Serenity now, serenity now.....

Boiling point

On Monday I went to the doctor for a routine prescription renewal.
While I was there he checked my blood pressure, and found it was 155/88 (as a healthy 25 year old it really shouldn't be more than 125/80).
I've never had a reading anything like that high, and he said it may have been a 'one off', or 'white coat syndrome' (ie when people are in a doctors office they become nervous and can give a false high reading), or more likely its a result of some increased stress of late. (I suggested it might be because Monday is verdict night on Australian Idol, but i'm not sure he went for that).
So now I have to get my sister (sister sister - she's a nurse) to check it for me when I visit next week, and then go back to see him about two weeks after that to have it read again to see if there really is a problem or whether it was just that day (lucky he didn't read it at 8:20pm on Monday when Ricky was in the bottom three!)

In the mean time I'm not really sure what I'm sure what to do to help, but I'm pretty sure I know what wont help -

BUS STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

oooh yes (bertie can especially understand the special relationship i have with the providers of public transport in our lovely city)
There I am running out the door at 8:01am, having poured half of my Irish breakfast tea down the sink in order to get to the bus stop in time.
I did suspect that i may simply have been late, as a number of my regular co-commuters were absent.
But if I was late, then there were three other girls at the same stop who had also been trying to fill in that top left corner of the sudoko before they left the house.
And about a dozen at the stop a little further up the street.

It was when the following bus, due a half hour later, didn't arrive that we became suspicious.
Then someone had a call from a friend who had heard on the radio that there would be 'disruptions to services'.
Now, I understand that sometimes unions feel strike is a powerful tool in the resolution of conflict, but in these kind of industries YOU NEED TO LET THE PUBLIC KNOW!!!

So now I'm back home waiting (buses MAY be back in 'action' (well, 'inaction' tends to be a more apt description) at 9:30) and employing on of my best stress relieving techniques - listening to JT and mainstreaming caffeine

besos =)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

(bringing) krafty back

To quote a wise guy i know, sometimes "life gets in the way" of blogging.
I guess this can be good or bad, and chez kuka its been six of one half a dozen of the other.
But hey, when life gives you lemons... (although, as Veronica remind us, there are worse things you could be given... and i prefer to make crepes with lemon and sugar on top but you see where i'm coming from...)

So I'm taking this oppurtunity to slow down a bit, and make more time for some of the things that can be overlooked while one is juggling lemons.
Since my last blog I have:

taught myself the fine art of crochet (ok, i did get some help from the brilliant Debbie Stoller)

started to finish my patchwork blanky, AND Belinda Bunny (pics soon!)

finally watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (more about that later too) AND the original "Oceans 11"

been inspired a la generation t and customised myself some funky t's

bought the new Justin Timberlake cd

eaten my first yum cha

been sucked in (again!) by a new season of Australian Idol (ooh, they're good this year!!! Check out 'Jack Black')

seen Nacho Libre with the boy and Bertie

dined at the fabulicious 'Sage' in celebration of 18 months of the boy being MY boy =)


given in to temptation and started watching 'Grey's Anatomy'

That's my best for now, but I'll fill in some gaps soon!