Tuesday, September 19, 2006

(bringing) krafty back

To quote a wise guy i know, sometimes "life gets in the way" of blogging.
I guess this can be good or bad, and chez kuka its been six of one half a dozen of the other.
But hey, when life gives you lemons... (although, as Veronica remind us, there are worse things you could be given... and i prefer to make crepes with lemon and sugar on top but you see where i'm coming from...)

So I'm taking this oppurtunity to slow down a bit, and make more time for some of the things that can be overlooked while one is juggling lemons.
Since my last blog I have:

taught myself the fine art of crochet (ok, i did get some help from the brilliant Debbie Stoller)

started to finish my patchwork blanky, AND Belinda Bunny (pics soon!)

finally watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (more about that later too) AND the original "Oceans 11"

been inspired a la generation t and customised myself some funky t's

bought the new Justin Timberlake cd

eaten my first yum cha

been sucked in (again!) by a new season of Australian Idol (ooh, they're good this year!!! Check out 'Jack Black')

seen Nacho Libre with the boy and Bertie

dined at the fabulicious 'Sage' in celebration of 18 months of the boy being MY boy =)


given in to temptation and started watching 'Grey's Anatomy'

That's my best for now, but I'll fill in some gaps soon!


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  1. Am I wise-old or wise-smartarse?

    I have to guiltily admit that I actually like the current Justin Timberlake single. Never thought I'd be saying that!

    Out of your list, I have done two things - watched Nacho Libre (duh) and eaten at Sage. Sounds like we're growing apart ;)


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