Friday, March 16, 2012

Brown owls inspiration :: we're shrinking!

This Sunday is our first proper Brown Owls meeting of the year! I'm super excited, maybe even more so than usual, because this month we're trying something brand new (to us, I mean!): shrinky plastic!

Look at these lovelies Naomi made on her shrinky test drive!

As always, I've spent much of my internetty time in the week before a Brown Owls meeting trawling some of my favourite webby places for inspiration.

Flickr has a whole group of shrinky dink dink dink creations, and loads more if you just search for shrink plastic.
Of course pinterest has loads of links to great tutorials - I especially love this one about how to make buttons, from   scissors.paper.wok!
There are also some really cute and clever shrink plastic jewellery pieces on etsy - look at this bunting necklaceteapot earrings and paper plane brooch! Gorgeous!

Owly friends don't forget to pop over to the blog to check out the details for Sunday, and to let us know if you can make it along!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cake Sunday

Maybe you've seen over at Suzy's that she's been baking along for cake Friday, which lives over at My Tiny Plot. This weekend I couldn't resist having cake Sunday!

Would you believe I hardly ever make actual cakes? In fact, I had to make this one square because I don't even own a decent round cake tin!

I spent most of yesterday flicking through recipe books, and googling about the nets trying to decide what to make. When I saw Claus Meyer has a new cook book out - all about cakes - I decided it must be a sign, and picked this Mandel-citruskage (almond citrus cake) from the recipes on his website.

The recipe doesn't include flour (but does use day-old bread), and is one of those delicious recipes where, once cooked, you poke holes in the top and pour a syrup over. We enjoyed it with a cup of coffee and the lovely sunshine that arrived late this afternoon. Just quietly, it was pretty tasty.

I love the Meyers Bageri book, and I absolutely must get my hands on this new one!! =)


Saturday, March 03, 2012


Here's another delicious way we've been using our homegrown tomatoes - quiche!

We somehow ended up with several dozen eggs in the fridge, so we've been quiche-ing a bit the last few weeks. I have just been throwing in whatever we have in the fridge/freezer - besides the tommies, this one has peas, grated zucchini, bacon and feta cheese. yum!

I'm afraid we might almost have seen the end of the lovely yellow tomatoes. They seem very sensitive to too much water - I have found the ripe ones split after a rainy day, and with all the rain we've had like this anything even nearly ripe has practically exploded out of its skin!
Fingers crossed the others get through the rain unscathed!