Sunday, August 23, 2009


Brown Owls was lots of fun today!
Freezer paper stencilling was super easy, and people got really professional looking results - you can see what we got up to over at the Brown Owls member blog =)

I stencilled a cheap plain calico bag I had lying about at home - I have future plans for this little cat stencil, and I wanted to give it a trial run first.

Of course, only some of the fun of Brown Owls is in the crafting - the chatting and the treats everyone brings along are worth it own their own =)

This month I made these shortbread buttons, straight out of the Women's Weekly Cookies cookbook - delish =)

I'm looking forward to next month already =)


Friday, August 21, 2009


Hurrah - it's Brown Owls time on Sunday, and I'm extra very excited, since I missed the last meeting.

This month we'll be trying our hands at freezer paper stenciling, so I've been scouring flickr for some inspiration - they have a whole group dedicated to freezer paper stencils, here are some of my favourites:

1.C-3P0, 2. red monkey, 3. octopus skirt, 4. Om2n Stencil, 5. summer baby onesies, 6. Stencils - Johnny Depp 1, 7. sacred bamboo stencil cushions, 8. stenceIT 005, 9. Stencil Fabric Painting

I've been hunting out printable stencils too - there are lots of ace freebies here and here.

AND there's also a cute mini-tutorial here on using a craft punches to make your stencil.

I can't wait to see what my fellow crafty owls come up with!!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Supervised creative space

On the weekend I treated myself to a brand new rotary cutter, and put it straight to work cutting some cheap flannelette sheets into squares:

I have plans for these guys to get together with the sewing machine this weekend (if it has time in between sewing of my pockety skirt!!) =)


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Sunday, August 16, 2009

pockety skirt

At some point during the week I suddenly realised that I simply could not head into spring without a skirt with pockets.

A quick search around the internets turned up McCalls 5591, which is just perfectly, exactly what I was looking for =)

I picked up the pattern yesterday, and spent today sewing it up in calico to make sure I get the sizing right.

All three views have pockets, I'm making view A.

I also wanted, before cutting into any 'real' fabric, to make sure that a skirt with pockets really was a good idea. Judging by the calico I'm pretty sure that it's going to turn out super cute =)


Thursday, August 13, 2009

My creative space

This is my most creativest space today:

Yup. My chestage.

See, we went for our regular Thursday lunch - a super quick one today since I had a meeting at work immediately afterwards.

In my haste (or maybe just because I'm a bit of a slob ;o)) I managed to spill some of my noodles on myself! eeeeek!

A bit of quick creative thinking, and a loan of this gorgeous brooch (by Betty Jo Designs, FYI) from my generous friend, and no-one at work was any the wiser!


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Breakfast-y tiffin*

With half of my colleagues home sick, I thought a little moral boosting might be in order for our team meeting this week, and having seen some delish tiffin around I knew it was just the thing!! =)

I used the recipe Lucy posted at Attic 24, but dried cranberries (or craisins) have been a bit tricky to find, and pecans expensive, so I tweaked it a bit. To be honest (apart from Christmassy goods) muesli is pretty much the extent of my relationship with dried fruit, so I based my tiffin on my favourite bowl of breakfast: apricot and almond with a sprinkle of coconut. Ooh, and I threw in some white chocolate chips too =)

Ooh, and since the butter and the biscuits (I used Marie biscuits) came in 250g packets I used 250g of chocolate too - the recipe is really flexible so it still worked out super =)

Mmmmmmm PERFECT!


*this is really pretty much what we would call hedgehog slice, or might be called refrigerator cake, but doesn't TIFFIN just sound tasty?

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Remarkable Kittens

As soon as I saw this little beauty by Cat Rabbit I just had to pop straight over to Etsy and snaffle one.

But if you're more disciplined than I am, you might like to enter the giveaway at the Meet Me at Mike's blog to win one for yourself =)


Thursday, August 06, 2009

The aliens, Ted!

UFO sightings chez Kuka?

Well, almost! MY creative space this week (as so often it is) was the kitchen, which was the scene of a little macaron party!

I made a couple of batches to take to a dinner which ended up being cancelled.

But... there were no complaints from my colleagues when I took a boxful into work during the week =)

These little guys, from top to bottom in the picture down there, are:
- chocolate with orange cardamom buttercream
- plain with chocolate buttercream
- plain with orange cardamom buttercream
- mint with chocmint buttercream

I've had the same chocolate recipe work beautifully before, but these ones didn't quite work out right - no feet and cracked on the top. But, geez, they are so chocolately and TASTY!

For the others I used the 'simple' recipe from Syrup and Tang.
The recipe is given more as a formula, which I really like - not just on account of the science-nerdiness - you weigh the eggwhites and adjust the other ingredients accordingly.

And they worked out pretty nicely, I think ;o)


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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

just a sneak preview

I'll tell you all about these babies tomorrow...