Thursday, August 13, 2009

My creative space

This is my most creativest space today:

Yup. My chestage.

See, we went for our regular Thursday lunch - a super quick one today since I had a meeting at work immediately afterwards.

In my haste (or maybe just because I'm a bit of a slob ;o)) I managed to spill some of my noodles on myself! eeeeek!

A bit of quick creative thinking, and a loan of this gorgeous brooch (by Betty Jo Designs, FYI) from my generous friend, and no-one at work was any the wiser!


as always, more creative spaces at Kootoyoo!


  1. I love it. You made me laugh.... definately with you, not at you! That was a potential day-wrecker but you turned it into a cool 'Creative Space'.

  2. LOL - you make me giggle. Definitely one of a kind creative space ;-)

  3. Hee hee that's perfect!
    I must remember to always carry a large brooch in my handbag from now on, just in case of lunchtime spills.

  4. Did it take long to work out if you spilled the noodles, you might score your friend's brooch?! Good work, must try that one sometime...!

  5. Love it - absolutely love it. Never realised before that I must never leave the house without a back up brooch!

    PS. Still wouldn't go the spag bol option at lunch
    PPS. Or could just carry more brooches

  6. happy happy face ~ creative in the sun!

  7. haha, very cute!!! I'd definitely say that is creative.

  8. ha! awesome! great idea and a super brooch.


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