Thursday, August 06, 2009

The aliens, Ted!

UFO sightings chez Kuka?

Well, almost! MY creative space this week (as so often it is) was the kitchen, which was the scene of a little macaron party!

I made a couple of batches to take to a dinner which ended up being cancelled.

But... there were no complaints from my colleagues when I took a boxful into work during the week =)

These little guys, from top to bottom in the picture down there, are:
- chocolate with orange cardamom buttercream
- plain with chocolate buttercream
- plain with orange cardamom buttercream
- mint with chocmint buttercream

I've had the same chocolate recipe work beautifully before, but these ones didn't quite work out right - no feet and cracked on the top. But, geez, they are so chocolately and TASTY!

For the others I used the 'simple' recipe from Syrup and Tang.
The recipe is given more as a formula, which I really like - not just on account of the science-nerdiness - you weigh the eggwhites and adjust the other ingredients accordingly.

And they worked out pretty nicely, I think ;o)


you can see more CREATIVE SPACES at Kootoyoo


  1. Wow! They worked out REALLY nicely! Great space :) K

  2. Oh boy these look so pretty and delicious!
    Have a sweet day!

  3. Creative and yummy, can't beat that!!

  4. They look so professional...well done.

  5. Wow, they look so good!! Delicious!!

  6. They look delicious and the photos are gorgeous.

  7. Oh wow! I'm so scared of that kind of baking.

  8. You are a culinary queen my dear. :)

    Oh! And Nettie, Carrie and I had cupcakes from Cheery Seed on the weekend - they really are fabulous! :D


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