Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Breakfast-y tiffin*

With half of my colleagues home sick, I thought a little moral boosting might be in order for our team meeting this week, and having seen some delish tiffin around I knew it was just the thing!! =)

I used the recipe Lucy posted at Attic 24, but dried cranberries (or craisins) have been a bit tricky to find, and pecans expensive, so I tweaked it a bit. To be honest (apart from Christmassy goods) muesli is pretty much the extent of my relationship with dried fruit, so I based my tiffin on my favourite bowl of breakfast: apricot and almond with a sprinkle of coconut. Ooh, and I threw in some white chocolate chips too =)

Ooh, and since the butter and the biscuits (I used Marie biscuits) came in 250g packets I used 250g of chocolate too - the recipe is really flexible so it still worked out super =)

Mmmmmmm PERFECT!


*this is really pretty much what we would call hedgehog slice, or might be called refrigerator cake, but doesn't TIFFIN just sound tasty?


  1. Yummo looks like they did the trick. I think the health food shop at the Belcer's Markets has what you're after!

  2. yep I get my cranberries from the Belconnen markets too but the supermarket has them too, right in with all the other fruit like raisins etc. I think they even sell craisins!

  3. Yummo.

    Bet they're not as good as mine though!! He he!!

    For my next experiment, I'm going to try dried mango and pecans (seeing as I have all these pecans left from Sunday's effort) otherwise I'd try macadamias. And I'm going to stick with the Granitas.

  4. You are a nasty temptress - they look so good and I really shouldn't eat them at the moment....but I want to!

    Craisins are a fave around here, but dried cherries are my favourite, although they are hard to get.


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