Thursday, October 30, 2008


I guess pretty much the last time I posted much about the greenhouse it looked something like this:

A few short weeks later we had this:

Now it's even greener - I'll take a shot from the same perspective as the top one on the weekend, but believe me, it's like a jungle!!!

This weekend is all about potting things out.

Everything is happy and green, but the difference in size between the tomato plants still in the seed raising trays and those I potted out a couple of weeks ago is just insane - the pootted ones are like 3 times the size!
I feel like I'm holding my babies back from reaching their full potential!

Interestingly, it's the opposite case for the zucchini and cucumbers - the one I planted out into the garden is doing very little, whilst the guys still in the greenhouse are going nuts!!

There's the little cucumbers just as they sprouted.

I wonder, could I grow zucchini and cucumber in hanging pots, with the fruit hanging over the side?? Or will they get to heavy??

We've also had reasonable success with the flower seeds we planted - many of them have been slower than the vege and herbs, but they're popping up eventually.

The giant pansies are doing really well, and I can't wait for the petunias to get big enough to plant out into the garden - check out in the (fairly poor photo below) how well the one I have in my garden are doing!

I think my absolute favourite thing in our seed raising adventure is that everything starts off looking the same.

Then, all of a sudden, the tomato plants have tomato leaves, the pansies have pansy leaves, and look there - the italian parsley has just grown parsley leaves.

It's like watching their little personalities emerge!!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

frikin' what?!

Whenever Scandanavia comes up in conversation (and, you know, I work it in there whenever possible) everyone is all about meatballs. Swedish meatballs, Danish meatballs, meatballs, meatballs, meatballs!

I never really thought we 'did' meatballs in Denmark, until one day I was trying to think of how I could explain to the Boy what frikadeller are - yep, MEATBALLS!!
(I was shocked, let me tell you!)

Frikadeller have since become a firm favourite in our dinner rotation - and they help out with the lunching too! =)

There are zillions of recipes out there, both in Enlish and Danish, and using a variety of meats and seasonings.

My favourite is a pork recipe from Frøken Jensens Kogebog (Ms. Jensens Cookbook), which I picked up in a handy pocket size whilst on holidays in Denmark last year =)

So, here's everything you need (including the Frøken!):

Oh, the recipe uses 400g of pork, but I like to double it to make sure we have leftovers =)

First mix 400g of mince pork and 1.5 teaspoons of salt really well together, then add:

2 tablespoons plain flour

1 egg
(remember, I doubled my recipe - that's why I've got two yolks in there)

about 1 tablespoon of finely chopped onion


Don't be afraid to season it really well with the salt and pepper - I tend to think mine could have had a teeny bit more seasoning.

Now is the bit that kind of freaks me out every time, add 150mL of milk then mix it through really really well, until it looks like the one on the right there. The best way is to get your hands right in there (well, one at least) - but careful - if you just got the milk from the fridge that baby is going to be COLD!

Once its all mixed in, cover with cling film and pop it in the fridge to rest for a halfhour (if it happens to be a Wednesday evening you can time it perfectly to be ready and resting while you watch the Cook and the Chef!)

Ready to sizzle!
Heat up your pan, I use a little a bit of butter and a touch of oil (so the butter doesn't burn).
The mix will be pretty loose, on account of the milk, so I scoop the mixture and make a kind of egg shape on the spoon then drop it straight onto the pan, rather than trying to roll it with my hands.

(If you find it's way too loose and not holding any shape then you might need to add a teensy bit of flour, but you don't want to add too much or your frikadeller will be dry =s)

Now fry them until they're golden and crunchy on both sides.
Usually we have them with vege, boiled potatoes and brun sovs (gravy) but since it's warming up we went for potato salad instead =)

These babies are DELISH!
And, you know, on account of all that milk they are really moist and juicy inside - I think this is why they freeze and defrost so well =)
In fact, I'd nearly go so far as to say they're even better after freezing, and definitely the next day.

And, as I said before, the freezer friendliness of these make the left overs perfect for lunch

I freeze them in lunch portions (about 2 or 3) in snap lock bags.
By lunch time they're defrosted and are good cold or can be warmed in the microwave without losing any of their deliciousness. =)
Add a salad and some cous cous (I pack mine dry and make it at work) and you've got yourself the perfect, quick, easy lunch =)

Mmmmmm - let me know if you try them out =)


ps. oh! and check out Trine for a real Dane cooking up a frikadeller storm - how good do they look?!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

daggy doily lace?

Ok, so people who may or may not be blood relatives of mine will no doubt find this funny, but I've spend a lot of time this week googling and oogling knitted lace doilies.

People in the knitted know may not be surprised to hear that this latest obsession has something to do with Brooklyn Tweed and his re-vamp of a humble vintage lace doily into the gorgeous hemlock ring blanket (rav).

Cute, huh?

As usual I wasn't super interested until my fellow SnBers started having producing beautiful blankies, at which point I found myself experiencing severe knit envy and decided to have a crack for myself.

Two reservations remained:

1) Everyone has knit this. Well, not exactly every, everyone, but with 1885 projects in Ravelry it has certainly done the rounds (not that there's anything wrong with that, you know, but it does kinda put me off)

2)Bells' Hemlock Blanket is so perfect. It is one of very few projects I have ever looked at and thought "there is no way I could make that."
I know that probably sounds kinda bad, but for the most part I just approach projects as being a series of stitches, all of which I know I can do.
But oooh, that blankie!!!

As a compromise I'm thinking I'll blanketise a different doily pattern for a similar effect, and hence the googling and oogling =)

So, where have I been?

Pictures are the first place I go for inspiration (each is worth a thousand words, after all), so I've done a lot of clicking around flickr search (check out this baby!!), and of course a quick Rav search

I also happened across the Yarn Over lace knitting website - there are some amazing patterns, including translations of Danish patterns from Kunststrik - as well as the Knitting-And website - also with free patterns.

Oh, and the Lace Knitters Guild

Of course, with the Long Lacy Summer started there is lots of lacey blanket inspiration closer to home - check out Bec's lace blankie. Oh, and remember Caffeine Faerie's lacey Tour de France challenge?

Now, I just need to get myself away from the browsing and a pattern decided on for the knitting! ;o) (perhaps that pretty, pretty malabrigo will help me get casting on! =))

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

oooooh shi bother...

So, for about 6 or 8 weeks now I've been spending most of my home crafty time working on a cross stitch.
This morning, thinking I must be just about done, I held it up to admire - I find with any kind of embroidery you spend so much time looking at just small bits at a time.

Here's what I saw:

Looking pretty good, I thought!

But wait?
Do you see what I see?
How about now??

Ok, a leetle bit closer - that's mine one the left, compared to the 'pattern' on the right.

Ooh BUM! It's just not quite right, is it?
That engine has gone right off the tracks!
And I suspect it isn't going to block out =(

Friday, October 24, 2008


The past two days I've been on a training course for work.
There has been lots of discussion about different personality types (yep,good old Myers Briggs... again) and work styles, and the things that people fin motivating or frustrating in the work place.

You would not believe the blank stares I got when I said that I was frustrated by hyperlogicality -
I think that's a perfectly reasonable word!

I'm planning a long weekend this week - we bought a bbq and outdoor furniture setting during the week, so I have to be home to receive the delivery on Monday - really, what a drag ;o)

The flower here is another from the garden - remember my lovely climbing roses and archway at the side of the house? Have a look now..

It isn't very clear in the photo, but both are covered in tiny buds, ready to burst into pale pink blooms.

What a difference 8 weeks makes!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

huzzah - bendy!

That little Bendy order I place last week arrived today!

This was one of those cases where it's not all for me - that's really how it works, you know, despite what some husbies might be beginning to suspect...

So, for moi, some Bendy cotton:

I managed to restrain myself from buying one of each, as I had initially felt the urge to do... but some of this is for sure bound to end up as Mason Dixon burp clothes/bibs for various colleagues/friends who are either expecting or newly babied.

And then some colonial in ocean tweed for a friend, as a part of a little across the earth swap we organised =)

This stuff is so gorgeous that I may eventually have to buy some for myself for a cardie/jumper =)

Oh, and I grafted the toe on the SSoS baby sock, which I posted the heel turning of yesterday - super quick!

And how cute?!!

I'll cast on the second one in the morning - I think I have the long-tail cast-on down well enough to try on the bus =)
Next week I think I'll try the same pattern with a finer yarn and smaller needles to take it down in size a little.

As Bells mentioned yesterday, we've had something of a cold snap this week - can you believe it was 28 on Sunday, 14 on Wednesday and we're expecting 26 or so on Saturday! How does that happen? And how are we meant to know what to wear?


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

turning point

My Southern Summer of Socks knitting has gotten well underway this week.
I've started with the top-down baby socks, in the red/rainbow Cleckheaton Merino Bambino - oh so squimooshy!

This morning, on the bus, I turned the heel on the first sock.

I haven't had heaps of sock knitting experience, having only knitted a handfull of pairs, and wondered today if the magic of turning a heel ever wears off?

It's just amazing - that with a few geniously place stitches all of a sudden you're knitting has gone around the corner!

And each time I've done it I've looked at the pattern and said
"No. Really? You want me to k2tog right there? No. That'll never work. You're mad, seriously. Are there errata for this pattern?"
and so on.
Then, on following these crazy instructions, lo and behold the pattern was right after all!
And hey, check it out, my knitting has gone around the corner!

Absolute bloody genius!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Time Wasters

Working at a computer all day I tend find myself very easily distracted by the internet.

It's magnificent - and between google, imdb and wikipedia there is practically nothing you can't find out within about 57 seconds. (and that's before even considering blogs, ravelry and flickr!)

Generally there's something ticking away in the back of my mind, which I just HAVE to look at RIGHT NOW, and I just know there's no way I'm getting anything else done until I check it out.

This week the Boy and I have been talking about a couple of new pieces of furniture for our home - both inside and out =)

I have a growing stack of home/decorator-type magazines (it's an illness, really. I have to take it easy with the magazining!) next to the couch.

Actually, this shot here represents my first "Oh my, I must re-arrange the furniture RIGHT NOW even though I'm in the middle of something else" moment since we moved in - The taller bookshelf had been in the bedroom until it suddenly occurred to me that was the perfect spot for it. And it keeps the aforementioned mags off the floor ;o)

And, perhaps not surprisingly, from time to time during the work day I'm finding some percentage of my brain is obsessing about where to find the perfect outdoor lounge setting...

So, here are a couple of my favourite time wasters sources of inspiration for the week:

Click on furniture and Matt Blatt (for replicas of the gorgeous designer furniture I could never afford.)

Creative Little Daisy - I first started reading Autum's blog for the fabulous crafting and tutorials, but I just seeing what she's doing with her home too =)

Rate My Space ok, I found this one through Autum, and let me warn you it is TOTALLY addictive! Oh my, the houses people have are amazing!

and, of course
The IKEA catalogue - no explanation needed, I'm sure!

Click if you dare, but don't say I didn't warn you =)


Monday, October 20, 2008

Lovely lunches

Something I find really tricky at work is lunch.
No, seriously.

Buying lunch comes to anywhere between $5 and $10 a day, plus I might buy a few other things while I'm at the shops - over a two week pay period it ends up being really expensive.

Every week I have the best intentions to take my own lunch.
But, honestly, it never works out - I don't think to get anything at the supermarket, or I forget at night and in the morning I just can't be bothered.
It's easier if we have leftovers from dinner, but otherwise I find myself at such a loss for what to take - sandwiches are so boring!

So, I thought I might do some lunch sharing - in the interest of trying to keep my lunchtime honest, to get me planning a bit better, and in the hope that you'll share some lunchy inspiration with me too =)

Last night we had tacos, so today there was leftover taco meat - delish with a sprinkle of grated tasty cheese.
To 'beef' it up a bit (teehee - get it?) the Boy made up some plain couscous - we use couscous as our lunch 'grain' fairly often since it is so quick to make - which looked really boring, so I had to add a cherry tomato garnish.
The top lefthand corner is filled with salad leaves, and some avocado. I popped a slice of lemon on top in the hope it would keep my avocado from browning - I guess it kinda helped...
The only problem with today's lunch was that there was wayyyyy too much in there!

That's Monday down... what to do tomorrow??
Can anyone help me out with some fool proof lunch box packing tips?


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Coming to you from outside

Oh yes, today's blog is brought to you directly from the back garden (well, I'm writing it out here, but I'll probably post it from inside once I've added the photo)

We've had a lovely weekend - shopping, gardening, and generally lounging about ;o)

I got a start on my first teeny sock, and stitched away on my other stitchy project too.

Ooh, and we went out for dinner and to the theatre too - we saw Bell Shakespeare's Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome, which was, as I had been warned, VERY BLOODY!! (and, well, pretty bloody good too =))

Today we finally managed to track down a picnic blanket (you have no idea how many places we searched to find a picnic blanket!), and took advantage of some more lovely weekend weather by spreading it out under a tree, and taking some magazines, knitting, the computer and a couple of beers outside.



Saturday, October 18, 2008

my place, my flowers

Today for the time since we moved (with the exception of the primulas I've had inside for weeks) I was able to bring in big beautiful flowers from my very own garden!

Those irises are growing thick and fast along the front fence, and the back fence too.

Here they are posing, freshly cut, in the front garden - next to the greenhouse.

This is perhaps my favourite place in our garden, at the moment.
I adore the wisteria - the one purple and the other white with just the slightest tine of pink to it - and banksia rose is amazing - it seemed to erupt into a mass of golden flowers in a matter of days, covering the whole fence.


Friday, October 17, 2008

the pinch

It's all over the papers - everybody is feeling 'the pinch' of the financial meltdown.

Perhaps especially Australian knitters, who have become accustomed to buying yarn (ooh, and please don't even mention the books!!) at 'bargain' prices, thanks to the recent relative strength of our dollar - heck, they were talking about parity with the US dollar by the year's end!

Now that, in the matter of weeks, the Aussie dollar has dropped something like a third of its value, such reckless spending has had to come to an abrupt end.

So, I'd thought I'd share two of my tips to help you get through the pain of the 'oh! new yarn!' withdrawal period.

1) Generous friends
In the past few weeks I've been lucky enough to have been gifted the gorgeous yarns in the photos here - 2 skeins of the most beautiful sunny gold squishy 9difficult to photograph!)Cascade 220, and one of this divinely soft lolly pink and orange Lucca Fino (I bought a purple skein when I was Denmark last year, and I could barely stop myself from loading up with one skein in each colourway - it is truly the most amazing yarn I have ever met!)

Thanks you guys - I adore them both! xo

2) Shop Bendy Woolen Mills
Always good value anyway, and if its on sale (is there a sale on? I heard there was a sale...)- even better!
I burned a (teeny tiny - really!) bit of plastic here last night.
mmm cotton...


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Summer Socks

If you've been reading here for a while you probably remember that last year I used the Southern Summer of Socks as an opportunity to concentrate on knitting socks for cancer patients at the Jean Colvin Hospital in Sydney. (and was joined by a bunch of others - check out that pile of socks we sent - and that was just some of it!)

I really like the idea of using this kind of event to focus on knitting for someone else - for a 'cause' if you like (although, I think that sounds a bit Bono, you know). This year, although I'm sure the guys at Can Assist will still gladly accept handknit socks (do email me if you have any questions), and I may whip up a couple of pairs (especially if I can get my hands on a couple of $2 balls of Jet!), I've decided to focus on something else.

As you'll also probably know if you've been visiting me here for a while, I have an absolute truckload of baby yarn stashed:
1. Patons Dream Time Baby Wool, 2. big baby blue/yellowish, 3. Blue FeatherSoft 3ply, 4. white magnum, 5. purpley feathersoft, 6. bambino creamish, 7. feathersoft pink, 8. limey feathersoft, 9. mountain of baby boodle, 10. feathersoft purple, 11. blue merino bambino, 12. bag of feathersoft blue, 13. big baby pinkish, 14. lincraft dimples, 15. pink magnum, 16. feathersoft orange
Yes, that's just a teeny

So, this year I've decided to dedicate my Southern Summer of Socks to tiny teeny baby socks - for premmies and newborns.

I've picked out two (free) patterns to use.
Click here to see the premmie pattern - it's knit toe-up on on two circulars (ooh, new tricks!!!)
And here for the other pair - Spidey made a bunch of these a while back, and they are just adorable (and, by all accounts, completely addictive)

They'll also be perfect bus knitting (a cunning plan, no?) =)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No bus knitting

Today I found myself in the unusual (well, for me) position of having no knitting to keep me busy during my bus time.

I finished my mitt prototypes (except the finishing - naturally!), and I think they'll be fine size-wise, but don't want to start another pair before I get my little model to try these on - just in case.

They're really cute, though - and easy and super quick (I think I could for sure make a pair in 3 days worth of bus travel - perhaps even 2 pairs in a week.)

Annoyingly, I don't seem to be able to knit a pair that look as much like twins as I would like, but perhaps a light block might sort them out.

So I had some time to think about my nexy bus knitty projects...

I'm planning to participate in both the Southern Summer Summer of Socks and the Long, Lacey Summer, and think lace at home and socks on the bus might be the way to go =)

Now, just to decide on a pattern....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quite an adventure

What seemed like being a straight forward afternoon and evening yesterday really turned out to be quite an adventure.

With the delicious weather we've been having I made the decision yesterday morning not to take my jacket - for sure I'd just end up having to carry it around all evening, right?

Well, some thumping great big dark storm clouds which arrived around 4:30 had a little something else to say about that! eeek

I didn't have a brolly either - mind you, judging by the struggle I could see others having with theirs out the window, it would probably have been more of a liability than anything!

Luckily there isn't far between our building and the bus, which stops almost right at the door of the Noodle House, so I was able to skip in to our pre-SnB laksa dinner relatively unscathed.

You might already have read around about the drama about the actual SnB meet up (incidentally, someone left a comment on Bells' post on RiotACT suggesting we should knit ourselves balaclavas and go back for some revenge - that was a little bit funny, I thought)- our usual Monday night venue was busy with a concert, and our back up didn't quite turn out - the venue in question might be well advised to devise some kind of system to keep track of when they're open or not, but if there's one thing I've learned from Gordon it's that sometimes these kinds of things go wrong ;o)
(yeah, it was a bit rough not to help us out by letting us leave a sign up to let people know where we were, though)

So, as we explained it to Lily, SnB became something of a progressive knitting installation =)

And, when Lily backed us up with a quick call to her friend AstroBoy for some extra support - that really made my day hehe - too too funny! (ooh, through my Astro-Googling just now I've discovered one of my faves - Kristen Veronica Mars Bell - is lending her voice to the new Astro Boy movie!! Gosh, I cant wait for her 'Fanboys' to come out - it looks totally ace!)

It was actually a pretty good result, I think - All Bar Nun was excellent, and they have wine! and beer battered chips!!! mmmmmmm

Speaking of excellent places to go and things to do and see in Canberra, the very talented Shopping Sherpa's exhibition of dolls' houses opened last week (eta: and received a massive write up in the Canberra Times today!) It's on at the Canberra Museum & Gallery until January - do check it out! (ooh, I know such clever people!)

Anyhoo, my garden adored that rain - oooh I feel it has been remiss of me not to post more updates about the greenhouse - especially since it's shared - I promise to post a bunch of stuff soon!- which brings me nicely to the gardeny goodness up there - another mystery pretty - any ideas???
*eta, early money is on gazania - we have a winner!It's a Sparaxis!!!
thanks!!! =)


the chocolate? oh, no, that doesn't tie in anywhere - but doesn't it look delish? ;o)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A hairy house guest

The Boy and I are currently entertaining a houseguest (or, perhaps it's more correct to say, he's entertaining us)

This bundle of beige fur is staying with us for three weeks while his family are on holidays in Canada (hi guys!)

I'm pleased to report he has settled in very well, and his behaviour has been impeccable.

We don't see much of him at all during the day - he has found himself a couple of excellent, quiet and sunny sleeping spots for the daylight hours.

He comes out for a chat in the evening, then sleeps most of the night on our bed - very hyggelig

I'm not quite sure what it is he wants me to know about 4:15am, which he wakes me up for every morning, but I guess we've got two more weeks to find out... ;o)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

stitchy progress and pastry lust

Yesterday, as Bells worked on her gorgeous green pi blanky, I stitched away on my cross stitch.

those are rum & caramel creme filled dark chocolate turtles there with the tarts - gosh I love them!!
tak Trine!!! ;o)

We had breakfast with the Boy's dad this morning, at Zucchero in Manuka.
They have they most amazingly beautifully presented cakes and tarts there - does anyone know if they taste as good as they look?
Is it worth my while to head over there for afternoon tea next weekend?
(actually, I think it's nearly worth my while just so can take a photo to show you, and for inspiration later ;o))
Oh, and the poached eggs were very tasty...

And, just in case anyone hasn't seen the ads, Spotlight have got 20% off everything (even sale stock!) tomorrow! (not that I would try to enable anyone, but, you know, I'd go if it wasn't for work (mmm fabric!)... just let me live vicariously through you, ok?


afternoon tea date

This afternoon I had the pleasure of having Bells join me for afternoon tea in my garden room =)

Besides the excellent company, an afternoon tea date was the perfect opportunity for something a little bit bakey.

I wanted some sweet and some savoury, and something small and fingerfoody (so as not to interfere with the stitching=)), but I didn't want too end up with way too much - catering tea for two is tricky! =)

I scoured my cookbooks, but couldn't find quite what I wanted - so I modified something from my Essential Finger Food Cookbook and came up with these sweet and savoury tartletts.

They were dead easy to make. =)

The cases are baked from frozen short crust - they could be baked ahead if you needed, then just fill with whatever topping takes your fancy.

We had roasted cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, proscuitto and fresh basil in the savouries, and cream and frozen berries (where are the fresh strawberries? There were none at the supermarket all week!) in the sweets.

They would also work really well with custard, marscapone cheese or chocolate ganache in the place of the cream, and with any kind of fruit you like =) mmmmmm

I can't wait until I can fill these with goodies from my own garden! =)


Friday, October 10, 2008

not like the others

Today at lunch time I picked up a copy of the 'fall' edition of Vogue Knits (from the newsagent near the supermarkets in the Woden Plaza, if any locallies are interested - and there were a number of copies =)).

And, yes, I did notice today that, just as I'm getting my hands the fall edition that the preview is out for the holiday edition.

Anyway, I was a bit surprised to discover the cover is different from what I've seen online. Do we usually have a different cover?

The little mitt there is my latest bus knitting - I'm making scratch mittens for little Jelly-Bean =)

I have a number of patterns to choose from, but somehow I've ended up making these up as I go...
If they work out to be reasonably proportioned I'll share the pattern =)


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunny Sunday =)

More mostly gorgeous weather for our long weekend =)

Friday was divine - 27C - and, according to my boss, far to nice to be at work - at about 12:30 I was issued strict instructions to go and enjoy the lovely weather with the Boy =)

On the way home I picked up some fish & chips and a couple of witbiers and we lunched out in the sunshiney garden room.

The garden room is my favourite part of the house at the moment - it is so nice in there in the mornings perfect for a weekend breakfast =)
It cools down quickly in the evening - but I figure that's a good sign for when the days heat up.

I can see us enjoying some lovely long summer afternoons and evenings there.

It is also the perfect place to sit and do a little Sunday Stitching - this is a shot (taken a couple of weeks ago) of my latest cross-stitchy project (I haven't finished the other one I was working on, but this is taking precedence on account of being a gift =)).

Actually, this little project is what's been keeping me away from my computer (and knitting) in the evenings - I guess I'm a little over half way, and it's a really fun project =)

I have a bunch of gardeny shots to show you too, every thing has grown like CRAZY over the past week or so, with all the warm weather and patches of rain =)
Just check out all that purple wisteria dripping from the pergola!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Grand Final in pictures: morning

Ok, the whole Grand Final experience was just way too exciting for words, so I'm going to post a series of mostly pics instead - they're worth 1000 words each, right?

Grand Final coffee at Federation Square:

Fed Square was completely full of people in their footy colours, soaking up the atmosphere, some sun and a bite to eat (and a couple indulging in the Breakfast of Champions! Not me, though I might just have had a sneaky glass of champagne - for the nerves, you know!)

Princes Walk - Federation Square to the MCG

One of my favourite things about going to the footy in Melbourne is the walk from the bottom of Federation Square along the Yarra to the MCG.
It's exciting, seeing the 'G' looming ahead of you, knowing you'll be there for the bounce of the ball that afternoon to see your guys 'slug it out right to the end'.
I just love it.
It's also the location of one of my favourite footy drink/egg & bacon roll establishments ;o)
We headed over early-ish on Saturday, so it wasn't too crowded, but the Boy said it was practically impossible to head in the opposite direction closer to game time.

Hugging 'The Rat':

John Platten was one of the Hawthorn's greatest heroes in the 80s (which is saying something - they made the Grand Final something like 7 times in a row!) and won the Brownlow medal (the AFL's Best and Fairest award) in 1987.
He has the same hair-do as my dad, I loved him then, I love him now and I had a feeling that hugging him on Saturday before the granny might just be an omen! ;o)

The Coodabeens broadcasting live:

The Coodas' footy show is part of our footy season Saturday morning routine chez Kuka, and it's always a thrill when we get the chance to see them live.
Champs performed our favourite song of the season, as well as that old favourite - the Thing About Football - and we even got to have a chat with the guys after.

Oh, so much excitement - and that was even before I got inside the ground!!