Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Time Wasters

Working at a computer all day I tend find myself very easily distracted by the internet.

It's magnificent - and between google, imdb and wikipedia there is practically nothing you can't find out within about 57 seconds. (and that's before even considering blogs, ravelry and flickr!)

Generally there's something ticking away in the back of my mind, which I just HAVE to look at RIGHT NOW, and I just know there's no way I'm getting anything else done until I check it out.

This week the Boy and I have been talking about a couple of new pieces of furniture for our home - both inside and out =)

I have a growing stack of home/decorator-type magazines (it's an illness, really. I have to take it easy with the magazining!) next to the couch.

Actually, this shot here represents my first "Oh my, I must re-arrange the furniture RIGHT NOW even though I'm in the middle of something else" moment since we moved in - The taller bookshelf had been in the bedroom until it suddenly occurred to me that was the perfect spot for it. And it keeps the aforementioned mags off the floor ;o)

And, perhaps not surprisingly, from time to time during the work day I'm finding some percentage of my brain is obsessing about where to find the perfect outdoor lounge setting...

So, here are a couple of my favourite time wasters sources of inspiration for the week:

Click on furniture and Matt Blatt (for replicas of the gorgeous designer furniture I could never afford.)

Creative Little Daisy - I first started reading Autum's blog for the fabulous crafting and tutorials, but I just seeing what she's doing with her home too =)

Rate My Space ok, I found this one through Autum, and let me warn you it is TOTALLY addictive! Oh my, the houses people have are amazing!

and, of course
The IKEA catalogue - no explanation needed, I'm sure!

Click if you dare, but don't say I didn't warn you =)



  1. Oh that does look nice. I fight against my craving for magazines... and di dyou know you can request a paper copy of the IKEA catalogue? I got mine on Monday :)

  2. My housesitter "borrowed" my IKEA catalogue after Christmas, and I was livid! Bereft! I had to go and order another one!

    I used to be obsessed with home magazines. Nowadays it's just Apartment Therapy online and Readymade magazine (which has some designer stuff).

  3. You are an inspiration. Thanks for all the links. I need to learn to give this stuff more consideration - I don't feel very good at it so, like most things in life, if I don't feel good at it, I don't do it. I'll be picking your brains more!


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