Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quite an adventure

What seemed like being a straight forward afternoon and evening yesterday really turned out to be quite an adventure.

With the delicious weather we've been having I made the decision yesterday morning not to take my jacket - for sure I'd just end up having to carry it around all evening, right?

Well, some thumping great big dark storm clouds which arrived around 4:30 had a little something else to say about that! eeek

I didn't have a brolly either - mind you, judging by the struggle I could see others having with theirs out the window, it would probably have been more of a liability than anything!

Luckily there isn't far between our building and the bus, which stops almost right at the door of the Noodle House, so I was able to skip in to our pre-SnB laksa dinner relatively unscathed.

You might already have read around about the drama about the actual SnB meet up (incidentally, someone left a comment on Bells' post on RiotACT suggesting we should knit ourselves balaclavas and go back for some revenge - that was a little bit funny, I thought)- our usual Monday night venue was busy with a concert, and our back up didn't quite turn out - the venue in question might be well advised to devise some kind of system to keep track of when they're open or not, but if there's one thing I've learned from Gordon it's that sometimes these kinds of things go wrong ;o)
(yeah, it was a bit rough not to help us out by letting us leave a sign up to let people know where we were, though)

So, as we explained it to Lily, SnB became something of a progressive knitting installation =)

And, when Lily backed us up with a quick call to her friend AstroBoy for some extra support - that really made my day hehe - too too funny! (ooh, through my Astro-Googling just now I've discovered one of my faves - Kristen Veronica Mars Bell - is lending her voice to the new Astro Boy movie!! Gosh, I cant wait for her 'Fanboys' to come out - it looks totally ace!)

It was actually a pretty good result, I think - All Bar Nun was excellent, and they have wine! and beer battered chips!!! mmmmmmm

Speaking of excellent places to go and things to do and see in Canberra, the very talented Shopping Sherpa's exhibition of dolls' houses opened last week (eta: and received a massive write up in the Canberra Times today!) It's on at the Canberra Museum & Gallery until January - do check it out! (ooh, I know such clever people!)

Anyhoo, my garden adored that rain - oooh I feel it has been remiss of me not to post more updates about the greenhouse - especially since it's shared - I promise to post a bunch of stuff soon!- which brings me nicely to the gardeny goodness up there - another mystery pretty - any ideas???
*eta, early money is on gazania - we have a winner!It's a Sparaxis!!!
thanks!!! =)


the chocolate? oh, no, that doesn't tie in anywhere - but doesn't it look delish? ;o)


  1. Not a gazania! I have those. It's a bulb of some kind - I keep thinking fresia but no, I'm pretty sure that's not it either. I'll look at my bulb book.

    I've been humming the Astroboy theme tune.....

  2. drool. over the chocolate that is...

  3. Pretty flower and droolworthy food! Sorry i haven't dropped by fo a while - like the mitts and the food -yum yum! but can understand theangst re the sod at your secondary SnB venue!

  4. I've had those too. I think it's some kind of native fresia, or basic fresia or something.

    Just like a fresia bulb, only more natural colours and no scent.

  5. It's a Sparaxis



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