Saturday, October 11, 2008

afternoon tea date

This afternoon I had the pleasure of having Bells join me for afternoon tea in my garden room =)

Besides the excellent company, an afternoon tea date was the perfect opportunity for something a little bit bakey.

I wanted some sweet and some savoury, and something small and fingerfoody (so as not to interfere with the stitching=)), but I didn't want too end up with way too much - catering tea for two is tricky! =)

I scoured my cookbooks, but couldn't find quite what I wanted - so I modified something from my Essential Finger Food Cookbook and came up with these sweet and savoury tartletts.

They were dead easy to make. =)

The cases are baked from frozen short crust - they could be baked ahead if you needed, then just fill with whatever topping takes your fancy.

We had roasted cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, proscuitto and fresh basil in the savouries, and cream and frozen berries (where are the fresh strawberries? There were none at the supermarket all week!) in the sweets.

They would also work really well with custard, marscapone cheese or chocolate ganache in the place of the cream, and with any kind of fruit you like =) mmmmmm

I can't wait until I can fill these with goodies from my own garden! =)



  1. oh they look as delightful in pictures as they did in person. It was so lovely. All of it. Thank you so much!

    And you're right, though I'd never thought of it - tea for two. Not as easy as the old song might lead you to believe.

  2. mmmm tartlets, how lovely! hope the gardening is going well :)

  3. They look magnificent! I do love a bit of finger food... That magazine makes another appearance too - I really must look into the knitting mag section at the newsagent.

  4. Ooooh yummy - what a wonderful 'play date'!!


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