Friday, October 10, 2008

not like the others

Today at lunch time I picked up a copy of the 'fall' edition of Vogue Knits (from the newsagent near the supermarkets in the Woden Plaza, if any locallies are interested - and there were a number of copies =)).

And, yes, I did notice today that, just as I'm getting my hands the fall edition that the preview is out for the holiday edition.

Anyway, I was a bit surprised to discover the cover is different from what I've seen online. Do we usually have a different cover?

The little mitt there is my latest bus knitting - I'm making scratch mittens for little Jelly-Bean =)

I have a number of patterns to choose from, but somehow I've ended up making these up as I go...
If they work out to be reasonably proportioned I'll share the pattern =)



  1. Apparently we get the Vogue International Edition. From what I can tell the only diference is the cover photo. Holiday Edition already???!!! I must not start panicking about Christmas......

  2. Oh yeah, I read somewhere else that it's different, maybe on the Samurai Knitter's review. Ugly, ugly dress!

  3. I also got that cover in Denmark. I *think* I heard somewhere that this is the cover that ended up going out, but I'm not sure. They should've chosen the original one..


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