Thursday, October 23, 2008

huzzah - bendy!

That little Bendy order I place last week arrived today!

This was one of those cases where it's not all for me - that's really how it works, you know, despite what some husbies might be beginning to suspect...

So, for moi, some Bendy cotton:

I managed to restrain myself from buying one of each, as I had initially felt the urge to do... but some of this is for sure bound to end up as Mason Dixon burp clothes/bibs for various colleagues/friends who are either expecting or newly babied.

And then some colonial in ocean tweed for a friend, as a part of a little across the earth swap we organised =)

This stuff is so gorgeous that I may eventually have to buy some for myself for a cardie/jumper =)

Oh, and I grafted the toe on the SSoS baby sock, which I posted the heel turning of yesterday - super quick!

And how cute?!!

I'll cast on the second one in the morning - I think I have the long-tail cast-on down well enough to try on the bus =)
Next week I think I'll try the same pattern with a finer yarn and smaller needles to take it down in size a little.

As Bells mentioned yesterday, we've had something of a cold snap this week - can you believe it was 28 on Sunday, 14 on Wednesday and we're expecting 26 or so on Saturday! How does that happen? And how are we meant to know what to wear?



  1. Ooh! You got some Bendi! Nice! I will have to pay some attention to their sale and get some for myself.

  2. EEEK! :D

    (is all I can say)

  3. I love a Bendi order. Those great big fat packages are always so much fun to open!


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