Sunday, October 19, 2008

Coming to you from outside

Oh yes, today's blog is brought to you directly from the back garden (well, I'm writing it out here, but I'll probably post it from inside once I've added the photo)

We've had a lovely weekend - shopping, gardening, and generally lounging about ;o)

I got a start on my first teeny sock, and stitched away on my other stitchy project too.

Ooh, and we went out for dinner and to the theatre too - we saw Bell Shakespeare's Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome, which was, as I had been warned, VERY BLOODY!! (and, well, pretty bloody good too =))

Today we finally managed to track down a picnic blanket (you have no idea how many places we searched to find a picnic blanket!), and took advantage of some more lovely weekend weather by spreading it out under a tree, and taking some magazines, knitting, the computer and a couple of beers outside.



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  1. ooh it looks so serene there! I can almost feel the soft grass!


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