Thursday, October 16, 2008

Summer Socks

If you've been reading here for a while you probably remember that last year I used the Southern Summer of Socks as an opportunity to concentrate on knitting socks for cancer patients at the Jean Colvin Hospital in Sydney. (and was joined by a bunch of others - check out that pile of socks we sent - and that was just some of it!)

I really like the idea of using this kind of event to focus on knitting for someone else - for a 'cause' if you like (although, I think that sounds a bit Bono, you know). This year, although I'm sure the guys at Can Assist will still gladly accept handknit socks (do email me if you have any questions), and I may whip up a couple of pairs (especially if I can get my hands on a couple of $2 balls of Jet!), I've decided to focus on something else.

As you'll also probably know if you've been visiting me here for a while, I have an absolute truckload of baby yarn stashed:
1. Patons Dream Time Baby Wool, 2. big baby blue/yellowish, 3. Blue FeatherSoft 3ply, 4. white magnum, 5. purpley feathersoft, 6. bambino creamish, 7. feathersoft pink, 8. limey feathersoft, 9. mountain of baby boodle, 10. feathersoft purple, 11. blue merino bambino, 12. bag of feathersoft blue, 13. big baby pinkish, 14. lincraft dimples, 15. pink magnum, 16. feathersoft orange
Yes, that's just a teeny

So, this year I've decided to dedicate my Southern Summer of Socks to tiny teeny baby socks - for premmies and newborns.

I've picked out two (free) patterns to use.
Click here to see the premmie pattern - it's knit toe-up on on two circulars (ooh, new tricks!!!)
And here for the other pair - Spidey made a bunch of these a while back, and they are just adorable (and, by all accounts, completely addictive)

They'll also be perfect bus knitting (a cunning plan, no?) =)



  1. oh very good plan! I like! Are you saying you want people to join in with you?

  2. I think that is a grand idea! One of the things I want to do with my leftover yarn is some crocheted baby booties or socks. Not very pastel-baby like, but still just as warm.

  3. As cunning as a fox whos just been apppointed professor of cunning at oxford university?? Indeed I think it is!

  4. what a great idea - the pirate was a massive 1300g (2lb13oz) when born and some hand knitted socks that fitted him would have meant a lot.You don't get given much with a premmie - I think everyone is too scared they might not make it.


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