Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Can Assist - can you?

As you know, the past couple of weeks I've been in touch with the Southern Summer of Socks girls and Kate from Can Assist - the Cancer Assistance Network - to organise a knitting/crochet drive of items to donate for cancer patients at the Jean Colvin hospital in Sydney.

Kate says:

"We are seeking 50 large, 50 medium and 50 small pairs of knitted socks for patients to wear and take with them as a gift from Can Assist, after their stay at the Jean Colvin Hospital. These patients come from rural NSW and stay on average 6 weeks whilst they undergo cancer treatment. We are wanting to make their stay as comfortable as possible and as such, we are creating a welcome pack for them when they arrive. The socks will be a lovely touch of warmth and comfort."

As well knitted socks, Kate says it would be wonderful for Can Assist to have some chemo caps, scarfs, socks, blankets (any nurturing item) which would then give people choice!

So, I'm asking for your help - let's see if we can collect these items to help out the Can Assist team!

And prizes - did I mention prizes?
There will be 2 grand prizes -

The knitters who donate the most socks and the most items to Can Assist between February 6 and May 2 will each receive a grand prize pack, including one year's subscription to their choice of the following magazines:
- Interweave Knits
- Interweave Crochet
- Vogue Knitting
- Yarn Magazine

as well as some yummy yarn and other fibre-crafty goodies!

For info on where to send your items of handmade yarny goodness, or if you want more information you can email me at: kraftykukaATgmailDOTcom (but, you know, replace the at and dot)

I'd also love to hear about what you're working on, plans for what you might make or suggestions of patterns and yarns for people to try out and if you have pictures of some of your finished items that you'd like to share!!! =)
If you don't have time for the makey side of things, any donations of something prizey would also be appreciated =)

So, get those hooks and needles flying =)

besos =)


  1. What a fantastic cause - well done for taking it on!

  2. I think you're fabulous for getting this organised - I wish you all the very best, and hope it's a roaring success!

    I will definitely send socks to you, hopefully more :)

    I'll be in touch when I've got a parcel to send.



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