Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No bus knitting

Today I found myself in the unusual (well, for me) position of having no knitting to keep me busy during my bus time.

I finished my mitt prototypes (except the finishing - naturally!), and I think they'll be fine size-wise, but don't want to start another pair before I get my little model to try these on - just in case.

They're really cute, though - and easy and super quick (I think I could for sure make a pair in 3 days worth of bus travel - perhaps even 2 pairs in a week.)

Annoyingly, I don't seem to be able to knit a pair that look as much like twins as I would like, but perhaps a light block might sort them out.

So I had some time to think about my nexy bus knitty projects...

I'm planning to participate in both the Southern Summer Summer of Socks and the Long, Lacey Summer, and think lace at home and socks on the bus might be the way to go =)

Now, just to decide on a pattern....

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  1. oh I just thought you weren't knitting on the bus because you had a shiny new magazine to read! Duh.

    That's how i'm planning to do it - socks on the bus, lace at home! Yay. Same plan!


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