Monday, October 20, 2008

Lovely lunches

Something I find really tricky at work is lunch.
No, seriously.

Buying lunch comes to anywhere between $5 and $10 a day, plus I might buy a few other things while I'm at the shops - over a two week pay period it ends up being really expensive.

Every week I have the best intentions to take my own lunch.
But, honestly, it never works out - I don't think to get anything at the supermarket, or I forget at night and in the morning I just can't be bothered.
It's easier if we have leftovers from dinner, but otherwise I find myself at such a loss for what to take - sandwiches are so boring!

So, I thought I might do some lunch sharing - in the interest of trying to keep my lunchtime honest, to get me planning a bit better, and in the hope that you'll share some lunchy inspiration with me too =)

Last night we had tacos, so today there was leftover taco meat - delish with a sprinkle of grated tasty cheese.
To 'beef' it up a bit (teehee - get it?) the Boy made up some plain couscous - we use couscous as our lunch 'grain' fairly often since it is so quick to make - which looked really boring, so I had to add a cherry tomato garnish.
The top lefthand corner is filled with salad leaves, and some avocado. I popped a slice of lemon on top in the hope it would keep my avocado from browning - I guess it kinda helped...
The only problem with today's lunch was that there was wayyyyy too much in there!

That's Monday down... what to do tomorrow??
Can anyone help me out with some fool proof lunch box packing tips?



  1. oh yes, the eternal problem that is lunches. I've let the ball drop on lunches lately because I've not had much in the way of leftovers to bring and I have been eating out a lot. It takes its toll in all sorts of ways, not the least of which is the money!

    When I'm organised, I make a tuna and bean salad, which diced celery, capsicum and a nice, light dressing. When I'm organised. Which I'm not right now.

    I've also been known to rely on couscous a lot for lunches. I make a salad out of that, too.

  2. I have a standard salad that I make for long stretches, then get bored and start buying lunches again. It's usually along the lines of: baby spinach, cucumber, snow peas, olives, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, pre-marinated tofu. Sometimes artichoke hearts. A splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dressing. If I have leftover baked potatoes, or steamed vegies, they go in. Noodles today. But if there is no starchy stuff in it, I'm sometimes still hungry and go out for a little something with my coffee.

  3. Im with you on this one. I hate pre-made sandwiches, so Im a leftovers girl too.

    That said, if youre having chicken schnitzles for dinner (a staple in our house), cook an extra one and have it in a crusty roll with mayo and lettuce.

    Another good salad is tuna, baby spinach leaves, cherry toms, cucumber, cannelini beans. All you have to cut is the cucumber. If you use a "flavoured" tuna, thats the dressing. Although if I use yummy sirena tuna, that's dressing enough for me too.

    Make a batch of soup on the weekend and put portions in the freezer; good with a crusty bread roll. Tinned soup is my winter fallback now that so many decent ones are available.

    I vow every week that I'll be more organised and do some weekend cooking that will become lunch - and every week it's a tin of soup or something bought!!

  4. yes this a very serious dilemma, there is only so many times i can do pasta or rice in a week to ensure left overs. thanks for sharing these ideas tho, i have nothing of my own that is helpful of course. and gee your garden is looking lovely!


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