Thursday, October 02, 2008

Grand Final in pictures: morning

Ok, the whole Grand Final experience was just way too exciting for words, so I'm going to post a series of mostly pics instead - they're worth 1000 words each, right?

Grand Final coffee at Federation Square:

Fed Square was completely full of people in their footy colours, soaking up the atmosphere, some sun and a bite to eat (and a couple indulging in the Breakfast of Champions! Not me, though I might just have had a sneaky glass of champagne - for the nerves, you know!)

Princes Walk - Federation Square to the MCG

One of my favourite things about going to the footy in Melbourne is the walk from the bottom of Federation Square along the Yarra to the MCG.
It's exciting, seeing the 'G' looming ahead of you, knowing you'll be there for the bounce of the ball that afternoon to see your guys 'slug it out right to the end'.
I just love it.
It's also the location of one of my favourite footy drink/egg & bacon roll establishments ;o)
We headed over early-ish on Saturday, so it wasn't too crowded, but the Boy said it was practically impossible to head in the opposite direction closer to game time.

Hugging 'The Rat':

John Platten was one of the Hawthorn's greatest heroes in the 80s (which is saying something - they made the Grand Final something like 7 times in a row!) and won the Brownlow medal (the AFL's Best and Fairest award) in 1987.
He has the same hair-do as my dad, I loved him then, I love him now and I had a feeling that hugging him on Saturday before the granny might just be an omen! ;o)

The Coodabeens broadcasting live:

The Coodas' footy show is part of our footy season Saturday morning routine chez Kuka, and it's always a thrill when we get the chance to see them live.
Champs performed our favourite song of the season, as well as that old favourite - the Thing About Football - and we even got to have a chat with the guys after.

Oh, so much excitement - and that was even before I got inside the ground!!



  1. You got to cuddle The Rat? I'm uber jealous. He hasn't changed much in the last 20 years, except his hairline and some eetle wrinkles!

  2. I don't know who The rat is, but I do love the Coodabeens!! And you saw them. I don't really like football at all but I often listen to their show on Saturday to hear the songs and their chat!!

  3. I can feel the thrill and I don't get any of this, as you know!

  4. So glad you've had such a brilliant time! As for the whole footy fever thing - sorry, I've never caught it. But I'm glad that you have and get so much enjoyment from it :)


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