Saturday, August 02, 2008

Winter waffling

To be honest, today is a bit of a disappointment.
I was looking forward to a lovely gloomy dark miserable drizzly day - one where I could stay inside, coomfy and warm, with some knitting, a dvd and a milo.
Instead, from inside at least, it looks like a beautiful sunny Canberra wintery day, albeit a little (!) windy.

So I'm inside cursing the glare off the TV, watching cheerful jonquils (I think) nod their heads in the sun and feeling somewhat guilty for not being out in it too - you know, making hay or something.

Hopefully, though, tis weather will hold up like this for the footy tomorrow - if today is gorgeous and then I have sit out in the miserable weather tomorrow afternoon I'll be cross!! ;)

Also disappointing today is that I can't seem to access my blog - obviously I can post, but when I try to go to my actual blog page it tells me that the site can't be opened! bum!!
I'm having trouble with one or two other blogspot sites, but not others - weird.

Since the posting part is working ok, I thought I'd share the part of a winter Saturday morning that never disappoints - waffles!!!
Almost every Saturday morning Chez Kuka starts the same way - I make waffles, the Boy makes coffee, and we sit down to breakfast together.

This morning the cupboard was a little bare (I had way too much wool to carry last night to think about what I might need for breakfast!), so the Boy popped out to pick up a few things:

I have two favourite recipes - one you can find on George's blog, and the other from the essential dessert cookbook (naturally - you know how I love my essentials!!). This morning I'm using the essential recipe (which just happens to be the same as this one). It calls for buttermilk, but I never have any around so I just use regular milk with a splash of vinegar in it. The dry ingredients are combined in a bowl, the butter melted and mixed with the milk and eggs:

Throw the wet into the dry, mix til just combined then let it stand for 10 minutes or so while the waffle iron heats up. Ooh, and we always use our footy mugs on Saturday morning - and, believe me, coffee tastes about a zillion times better out of hawks mug the morning after giving Collingwood a hiding!

The recipe says you'll need half a cup of batter for each waffle, but I find a quarter is more than enough:

Cook until goldeny brown. This recipe makes a thin very soft light waffle, rather than the big spongey and crisp Belgian style (look for a whipped egg white recipe, I think, for that style of waffle)

Sometimes we serve our waffles with bacon, or berries from the freezer, but since they're so nice at the moment today we went with strawberries and maple syrup.

Pour a fresh coffee, tune the net to stream 774 for the Coodabeens footy show, and enjoy! =)



  1. Sounds like the idyllic Saturday morning ritual!

    I was disappointed with the blue skies too. I was looking forward to a day of DVDs and crochet and the central heating greedily on all day.

    Instead I gardened. Poo.

  2. Yummy waffles - I love waffles but I only eat them at Gelare as I don't have a machine - must get one soon.


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