Friday, August 01, 2008

sale? what sale?

A yarn sale at Lincraft?
What makes you think I know about any sale? ;)

balmoral tweed $2 - I couldn't resist - I love the grey, not sure what to do with it but perhaps a vest with the green. The smoothie was only $2.67 a ball (100g) - I think it might become a printed silk cardie


  1. Oh yes I just walked out of there a bit poorer - though I kept it to 'stuff that I might be able to make felted pears from'.

  2. I've been resisting, even though I desperately need to go in there to get some zippers!

    The balmoral tweed is lovely - I used it for my grey slouchy hat, and mum made me a couple of pairs of fetchings out of them (green and donkey). Yum.


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