Thursday, October 30, 2008


I guess pretty much the last time I posted much about the greenhouse it looked something like this:

A few short weeks later we had this:

Now it's even greener - I'll take a shot from the same perspective as the top one on the weekend, but believe me, it's like a jungle!!!

This weekend is all about potting things out.

Everything is happy and green, but the difference in size between the tomato plants still in the seed raising trays and those I potted out a couple of weeks ago is just insane - the pootted ones are like 3 times the size!
I feel like I'm holding my babies back from reaching their full potential!

Interestingly, it's the opposite case for the zucchini and cucumbers - the one I planted out into the garden is doing very little, whilst the guys still in the greenhouse are going nuts!!

There's the little cucumbers just as they sprouted.

I wonder, could I grow zucchini and cucumber in hanging pots, with the fruit hanging over the side?? Or will they get to heavy??

We've also had reasonable success with the flower seeds we planted - many of them have been slower than the vege and herbs, but they're popping up eventually.

The giant pansies are doing really well, and I can't wait for the petunias to get big enough to plant out into the garden - check out in the (fairly poor photo below) how well the one I have in my garden are doing!

I think my absolute favourite thing in our seed raising adventure is that everything starts off looking the same.

Then, all of a sudden, the tomato plants have tomato leaves, the pansies have pansy leaves, and look there - the italian parsley has just grown parsley leaves.

It's like watching their little personalities emerge!!



  1. So much growth! Looking forward to potting up on Sunday.

  2. That's looking great! I never get over the excitement of seeing plants grow!

  3. Beeeeeooootiful greenhouse! and those meatballs are sooo going to be on the menu next week - with new potatoes and such - yum!


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