Tuesday, October 28, 2008

daggy doily lace?

Ok, so people who may or may not be blood relatives of mine will no doubt find this funny, but I've spend a lot of time this week googling and oogling knitted lace doilies.

People in the knitted know may not be surprised to hear that this latest obsession has something to do with Brooklyn Tweed and his re-vamp of a humble vintage lace doily into the gorgeous hemlock ring blanket (rav).

Cute, huh?

As usual I wasn't super interested until my fellow SnBers started having producing beautiful blankies, at which point I found myself experiencing severe knit envy and decided to have a crack for myself.

Two reservations remained:

1) Everyone has knit this. Well, not exactly every, everyone, but with 1885 projects in Ravelry it has certainly done the rounds (not that there's anything wrong with that, you know, but it does kinda put me off)

2)Bells' Hemlock Blanket is so perfect. It is one of very few projects I have ever looked at and thought "there is no way I could make that."
I know that probably sounds kinda bad, but for the most part I just approach projects as being a series of stitches, all of which I know I can do.
But oooh, that blankie!!!

As a compromise I'm thinking I'll blanketise a different doily pattern for a similar effect, and hence the googling and oogling =)

So, where have I been?

Pictures are the first place I go for inspiration (each is worth a thousand words, after all), so I've done a lot of clicking around flickr search (check out this baby!!), and of course a quick Rav search

I also happened across the Yarn Over lace knitting website - there are some amazing patterns, including translations of Danish patterns from Kunststrik - as well as the Knitting-And website - also with free patterns.

Oh, and the Lace Knitters Guild

Of course, with the Long Lacy Summer started there is lots of lacey blanket inspiration closer to home - check out Bec's lace blankie. Oh, and remember Caffeine Faerie's lacey Tour de France challenge?

Now, I just need to get myself away from the browsing and a pattern decided on for the knitting! ;o) (perhaps that pretty, pretty malabrigo will help me get casting on! =))


  1. wow - there are a lot of doilies on rav! I think it's a great idea to do a different pattern to hemlock ring - look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. Good luck with choosing - there are so many out there!
    The popularity/perfectness of the hemlocks is one of the reasons I frogged mine too ;-)

  3. Found your post while looking for lace doilies. I don't knit - I crochet, but I might take up knitting if I could produce doilies like the ones on rav!


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