Wednesday, October 01, 2008

FO: Demon Squirrels!

Ok, you'd better sit down for this one - today I've got some SKT (Serious Knitting Talk)for you!
And not just any knitting content - an FO!!! And the Demon Squirrels, none the less!

I mostly finished these weeks ago - during the Olympics.
That is, they were finished but for, well, the finishing

I didn't want to blog til they were gifted anyway, so that finishing kinda dragged out a little.

Anyway, Mum was here visiting this past week, so these little Demons were finally finished up and gifted =)

Winter is over here in Australia, and it is most definitely not mitten weather (hurrah for mid-twenties!), but Mum is off to Italy for 3 weeks in late November, so they might just come in handy (teehee get it?) on her trip =)

Pattern: Squirrelly Swedish Mittens(rav link)

Source: Elliphantom Knits

Yarn: Cleckheaton Machinewash 5 Ply Crepe. (A $2/ball Cassidy's bargain - discontinued, alas!)

Needles: Oh, you had to ask, didn't you? (Ok, fine, 2.25mm and 2mm)

Modifications: A leetle pattern modification, to make them more football/demony

Comments: There is absolutely no sensible reason for these babies having taken me so long to knit (and finish).

The pattern is brilliant - the split from cuff to squirrel to snowflakes generally makes you feel like you're making progress...
Second (Stockholm teehee) mitten syndrome, I guess...

As you can see, I made my mittens fraternal twins, rather than mitchy-matchy.
The lines around the very bottom by the cuff represent AFL's four goal posts, and the inverted triangles the Dee V, just like the Demons' jumper and logo =)

Despite how it may appear, I loved making these mittens - I just still think they are too cute =)
I hope they, and their wearer (and their matching scarf!) have a fabulous trip!


ps. Don't be thinking this means you've heard the last of the footy... ;o)


  1. oh hurrah! They are done! And they are magnificent.

  2. They're fabulous and I love all your special touches!! The symmetry of colour and the goal posts etc. Very clever indeed.

  3. The mittens are gorgeous & I am sure they will keep your mum's hands very warm during the trip.


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