Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunny share

I thought it was only right to take Sonny Jim-boy for a night out at our latest SnB venue last night. We shared a glass or two of wine and, to be honest, we had a lovely time (even if they were out of chips!!)

As you can see, Sonny Jim is just the perfect size for a mitteny project, and, I have to say, drew lots of admiration from my colleagues - I think everyone on my floor at work wants one now! And some lady who was in the lift with me too!

This shot was taken when I was halfway through the second thumb, before I grafted it on the bus this morning!!!!! Ooooh yes, the squirrel battle is ov-ah! hehe
(ok, well, just the weaving in to do)

Despite how it may sounds, I really have enjoyed knitting these guys - I just haven't enjoyed that it has taken so long. And that is completely my fault - nothing to do with the pattern or actual project.
I love these mittens, and I hope my mum will love them too! =)


(so, the big question is, what's next?? Do I tackle something else from my Ravelypics list, or something fresh and new??)


  1. Yay! Demon squirrels are done! I am very impressed at you grafting on the bus.

  2. Hooray! They are done! So pleased for yoU!

  3. Good work. They've hung around a while those pesky demon squirrels. Now, they are done! Hooray!

  4. I say "new project! new project". But I'm probably a bad influence so I'll try and be sensible and say do something from your Rav list...


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