Thursday, August 14, 2008

sheesh - that red!

Oh, see what I mean about about the red?!!??

Bec made me laugh with her comment on my last post about whether squirrels are good wrestlers!
(I reckon they would be - terrifying creatures that they are!)

Actually, we saw a real live (well, living-dead) zombie squirrel in London - at a pet cemetery near Hyde Park...
It stood there amongst the pet graves, perfectly still, staring at us.
Very creepy! =s

Anyway, my demon squirrel mittens are coming along great guns - I'll cast-off the body of the second mitten tonight - then just the thumbs to go!

Tonight we're enjoying SBS coverage of the Danish men's handball team.

We're keeping an eye out in the stands for Fred and Mary - I saw the prince and his brother at the handball at the Sydney Olympics, where the Danish women won the gold.

The Boy and I were discussing the handball during the opening ceremony last week - the fact that the Chinese team is so huge is partly because, as the host nation, they automatically qualify for everything.

We were wondering how countries manage to put together a team for sports they don't traditionally play - for example Australia fielded handball teams in Sydney (not good teams, but teams none the less!).

Then, looking for info about equestrian at the 2012 games, I came across this.

The official 2012 site reads: If you are between 16 and 25, and more than 5'11'' tall for girls or 6'3'' for boys, you could be part of Team GB in Handball. Find out about one of the UK's fastest growing sports. ... that's how team GB are doing it! ;o)

Now, I have squirrels to wrestle..... enjoy your handball =)

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  1. Those mittens look fantastic! Red is a pain to photograph - something to do with its place on the colour spectrum. I don't use a flash but it often looks pink in photos...


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